Thursday, October 18, 2007

A School Assignment

My oldest son who is in 4th grade was given a writing assignment. They were told to write a paper on what they wished for with the title being "I Wish". The following was his actual paper:

I wish I had a Trillion dollars, so I could buy the best house. I'll have the Wii and a movie theater. I'll have a mansion in this country. The mansion would be gold. In my mansion there would be elevators, a mini mall, and my own indoor water park. My mansion would be the best one in the world. I could own a bowling alley. I could own Hollywood and Las Vegas so I could eat for free. I would own a limousine, and could have my own mini golf and arcade. I could have an IMAX movie theater to watch all of my movies. I could buy an Apple Laptop to play all my favorite games. I could buy a Temper-Pedic bed so I can sleep faster.

Whew, is that all?!?!? That is some list. I just hope he gets a good job and starts saving now. What a dreamer my boy is. But it's good to set goals.


  1. Well, he's going to live a simple life, now isn't it? :)

    I love that some of the house has to be in gold. Who knew gold was important to a ten year old?

  2. Hey, can I come live in his mansion too? Sounds like a great place! Dreaming big is what it's all about.


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