Friday, April 04, 2008

April 4th - A special day

I receive a call this morning from my parents and this is what I hear on the other end of the line, to the tune of the Lone Ranger (or more specifically The William Tell Overture), "Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary."

Today marks my husband and I's 10 year wedding anniversary. Shocking!

I think back to that day and a flood of memories come to me. We were so young and so happy. We didn't have much, but we didn't know any better. We had each other and our little boy Taylor. Life was peachy. And still is 10 years later.

Today my hubby took me out to lunch to celebrate. Alone. Just the two of us. It was relaxing to spend some peaceful quality time focused on each other, that is until the hostess tripped on her pants and starting repeating the word Jesus. Other than that it really was lovely.

And to top it all off I received this beautiful necklace. It represents the union of two circles into one and the three stones represent the past, present and future. It's beautiful and so symbolic. My man's got some good taste!

What's that? You ask what I got him? Well, the cool wife that I am, we will be seeing our favorite comedian, Mr. Jim Gaffigan this summer in the 3rd row with a VIP package. Yes, it's awesome.

Today is also a special day because my incredible mother-in-law celebrates a milestone birthday. One would never guess she is a grandmother. Many times people have thought that my boys were her kids, not grandchildren. And also some people have thought that she is my sister. I just hope I look as amazing and age as graceful as she does. Happy birthday Maga Becky!

And to add one more reason that this day is so special - I am going to have a new sister-in-law. At midnight my brother-in-law, Chad, proposed to his girlfriend and she accepted. So much excitement in one day! Whew!

I leave you with a picture of us as a young married couple then and an old married couple now. (Try not to laugh!) How times have changed!


  1. Congratulations, you guys! 10 years is amazing!

    I was wondering if you'd be seeing Gaffigan in August! I wasn't sure if you'd be in Ohio yet. We're going too!

  2. Congrats! What a big ann! You guys look younger, and more attractive now, then back in the day (you still looked cute). What a beautiful gift! Enjoy!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! You guys still look great!!

  4. Happy belated anniversary!

    you two are hot.

    perfect for each other.


  5. Hey Net! Read your blog again,thanks for the kind thoughts.That was very sweet of you! You are a wonderful daughter-in-law!


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