Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm going to be sore tomorrow

I can just feel it. Not only because yesterday I rode my bike around the neighborhood with the boys, and today I ran 5 miles outside on a route with a ton of hills. Plus I spent a lot of time outside doing yard work with hubby. It was such a beautiful spring day that I had to take full advantage of it.

We patched bleached out dead grass spots - thanks a bunch for that extra chore Sasha dog. We mulched around some trees, mowed, trimmed, and I pulled countless weeds, primarily dandelion weeds. Even though we fertilized two weeks ago our yard is still full of them. I was bent over yanking those puppies out with my sticker-bush-puller-outer tool for over an hour and there are still many many more that need to get removed. So much for the useless bag of fertilizer.

For all the hard work today, I have rewarded myself with a fresh home-made batch of warm, gooey, soft chocolate chip cookies. It's okay, I'm drooling too.

So much for the exercise.


  1. Those cookies look great (especially on those stones!!)

  2. yummy...

    you ran 5 miles with hills?
    was someone chasing you?

    I guess that's why I'm chubby and you are not.

    See ya this weekend!

  3. TOTALLY LMAO AT CE'S COMMENT. "was someone chasing you?" She's a funny girl.


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