Thursday, April 24, 2008

Karma and it's repercussions

I have never really believed in the concept of karma.

That is until now.

I suppose I didn't really understand the term in and of itself. Here is one definition I found:
  • the effects of a person's actions that determine his destiny in his next incarnation

Then I had to figure out what the word incarnation meant:
  • A period of time passed in a given bodily form or condition

Vocabulary isn't my forte - I reference quite a bit.

So now that I know what karma entails, I strongly believe it has been applied to my last visit to Sam's Club.

Taylor was off to school and I had dropped Carson off at preschool so I decided to head to Sam's Club and take advantage of only toting around one child as opposed to three. I get there close to 9 am. Little did I realize the club doesn't open to general members until 1o am. Only the special business members get the perks of early shopping.

Well, I didn't come out all this way (25 minute drive) to sit around and wait an hour for my turn to shop, so I decided to make an attempt to pose as a business member. I walk in and in front of me walking in at the same time is a lady with a return. So the greeter is distracted with getting her a return sticker, but looks up at me as I am creeping into the store. It was a bit loud with the blowing vents and I believe she said, "Are you together?", but I took her words to be "Hi how are you?" (so I am fibbing a bit, sue me!) and I nod my head and smile as any person would do if asked how they were doing. All the time thinking to myself, "I am so going to get caught and have my Sam's Club member privileges taken away." Oh the humiliation of such a thing!

But I was in the door. It was the exit door, but I was in the door and away I went to do my shopping, you know, my "business" shopping. wink. wink.

I had a lot on my list as I had not been to The Club in months. My first repercussion of this whole karma thing came as I was getting our usual 4 gallons of milk. (Yes, we buy 4 gallons of milk at a time. 3 growing boys call for lots of dairy!) I grab one and the bottom starts spraying milk out all over the floor. I was surprised Luke didn't come over to it and start sucking it as if it were an extra-giant sized sippy cup. I didn't want to set it back down because it was leaking all over, and I couldn't find a worker around to help with the situation (plus I didn't want to get caught as an illegal business member). So my solution was to put the milk jug up-side-down between the door and the shelving. Surprisingly it stayed that way.

I finish up my shopping and notice there is a nice spread of cake, donuts, muffins, juice and coffee. Man, if this is how they treat their business members then sign me up. And yes, I treated Luke and myself to the free table of goodies. Who would pass up that opportunity? As I was selecting my donut, a shopper came up to the table as well and started chit chatting. She went on to talk about how these vendor treats and lunches really get to be a lot. Sure lady, I can't really relate, but I'm all about a free donut and coffee. Just smile and nod, that's all.

We sit down to not only eat, but try and kill a little time before I check out since it was just turning 10 am and the doors had opened to the peasant members oops I mean regular members. I figured if I went to check out right away and they looked at my card, they would know I couldn't have gotten all my shopping done in that short amount of time. I would have gotten caught for sure. So wasting time and eating carbs we did.

Not too bad of a Sam's experience I would say. But no, it doesn't end there. If only I was lucky enough to just have the milk episode. On to the 2nd repercussion.

Sunday night, my husband grilled the package of turkey tenderloin that I purchased from Sam's. He cut a piece off to test it and when he chewed it he felt something hard. He spit the piece out and look through it to find a small granule piece of glass. I kid you not. So that dinner was ruined.

And finally today I had yet another bad repercussion of the Sam's trip. (That's 3 if anyone's counting.) I had purchased a box of quesadillas of which I have bought in the past without any issues. Today when I bit into it, I felt something hard, long, and sharp. I immediately spit it out and look down to see a 1 inch long chicken bone. I could have easily choked on that. Scarier yet, one of my kids could have been the one to eat it and would have choked. Not good at all. Appetite lost? You bet.

I called Sam's today to let them know about the turkey and the quesadillas. I wonder if I am the only one to experience objects in their food. (I also wonder if I am the only idiot dumb enough to sneak in and not expect anything bad to happen.) I hope it was a rare case and no one else gets hurt, which is why I felt compelled to report it. And the good thing too is that I can get my money back. I won't be buying those products ever again. I'm no dummy. Well, sort of.

Overall, I have learned my lesson. And never again will I sneak into Sam's Club early.


  1. what an adventure! I'm glad no one got hurt!

  2. Scary. I'm heading off to Costco this afternoon. I hope no one gets hurt....

  3. LOL! I wonder what kind of karma my neighbor that goes to Costco with her kids and pretends to shop (puts stuff in a cart and everything) so her kids can eat all the free samples for lunch? hmmm, I'm thinking it can't be good.


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