Thursday, April 24, 2008

I live in the land of pee

Boys pee too much.

What a nice opening sentence, don't you think?

My youngest son Luke is about to turn 3 on May 5th - my little Cinco de Mayo baby boy. And he still is not completely potty trained, which I know is mostly my fault. I have decided that pull-ups are a joke and a waste of money. He has been in pull ups for far too long and I refuse to buy them any longer. Therefore, we are onto underwear. He could care less if he sits in pee soaked undies. But the thing is that if I sit him on the potty he will go even if he just pissed his pants 5 minutes ago. He's like the energizer bunny with a leaky faucet. He just keeps going and going and going....................

It is driving me crazy!

Add to it the crap factor and we're having a grand ol' time. I don't know how people do the whole cloth diaper thing. No way. I have tossed a fair share of undies in the trash already. At this rate, pull-ups might be more cost effective.

Now my middle son Carson, who is 5, has issues during the night. I don't know if he's just too scared to get up in the middle of the night to relieve himself or he's just too lazy or maybe he is sleeping so soundly he doesn't even notice. But more times than not he wakes up with damp undies. I am constantly doing loads of sheets.

I am frustrated, can you tell?

If I hear, "Mommy, I'm wet" one more time I am going to scream.

Cover your ears.

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