Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Negatives & Positives

I've been thinking about doing this post for quite awhile. So for the past few days I have been compiling a list which contains 20 of my "pet peeves" or things that irritate me. We all have our quirks and dislikes.

I didn't want this post to be focused completely on the negative, so I have challenged myself to find the positive opposite and write something that I do like, you know reverse it. I have been attempting to read a book called The Kazdin Method for Parenting the Defiant Child. This is where the idea of positive opposites came about. It makes so much sense, but is really hard to start thinking and acting in that manner. I am a work in progress.

Enjoy the list and I challenge and encourage you to do the same. I may have to start tagging people on this one.

1) Pet Peeve
metal hangers (you know the ones that you get from the dry cleaners)
a well organized closet particularly with the shirts arranged by color (OCD!)

2) Pet Peeve
when a new garbage bag has air pockets around the sides (do you know what I'm talking about?)
someone other than myself changing the garbage

3) Pet Peeve
toilet paper and paper towel rolls being put on backwards
never running out of paper products

4) Pet Peeve
the toilet seat being left in the up position and "drips" being left on the seat that should have been lifted up (can you tell I live in a house with all boys?)
having indoor plumbing that works

5) Pet Peeve
recyclables being thrown in the regular garbage
deep cleaning and throwing out (or giving away) unnecessary or excessive items (I am so not a pack rat!)

6) Pet Peeve
junk mail solicitations specifically for credit card offers
feeling good as I'm recycling the unwanted junk

7) Pet Peeve
"Happy Meal" toys (they are evil pieces of junk)
seeing my boys play with and enjoy their quality toys I actually paid money for

8) Pet Peeve
people who don't have a clue as to what they are doing in group exercise class and are a danger to others
people who make the effort to do something good and healthy for themselves

9) Pet Peeve
driving behind and smelling a bus or truck that uses diesel gas
grateful I don't have to buy diesel

10) Pet Peeve
having a dirty windshield
using Rain-X and having new wiper blades

11) Pet Peeve
those who block the aisles in a grocery store and continue to stand there reading the labels - it's not a bookstore people!
shopping mid-morning early in the week when the store is not busy

12) Pet Peeve
spouses alarm clock going off and the snooze button being pushed repeatedly for the next 36 minutes
having hubby home

13) Pet Peeve
people who swear excessively (especially when children are present)
being thanked and feeling appreciated and doing the same for others

14) Pet Peeve
public displays of affection
private displays - intimacy without the worry of the kids interrupting

15) Pet Peeve
being referred to as Lynn, my name is Lynette (or you can call me Nette or Nettie for short)
at least I'm not being called vulgar names (or am I and I just don't know about it?)

16) Pet Peeve
the ends of a pillowcase being put towards the middle of the bed as opposed to the outside (the correct way)
having a husband who makes the bed (even if the pillows are the wrong way)

17) Pet Peeve
telemarketers and door-to-door sales people
when friends or family call to talk and when a neighbor stops by to say hello

18) Pet Peeve
when people type in all CAPS - STOP YELLING AT ME!
receiving emails from friends and family (regardless of punctuation and spelling)

19) Pet Peeve
people who tailgate
wide open roads, no traffic, polite drivers

20) Pet Peeve
lurkers who read my blog but do not comment (you know who you are!)
people who actually take the time to read my blog - I thank you! And now is your chance. Stop in, click the comment link, say hello, introduce yourselves, don't be shy. I'd love to hear from you and where you're from.


  1. well done chicky.

    Pillow cases? I have never heard of a "right" way. I am now informed!

  2. I'm eating my lunch as I read your blog, but #20 inspired me to drop my apple and leave you a note!

  3. I just realized that I have been linking to you in my blog posts and spelling your name WRONG!!! OMG!!!

    Don't hate me, I've edited all links to you on my blog.

  4. Pet Peeve: Buying something at the grocery store only to get it home and realize it has already expired! I know I should make sure to look, but sometimes I'm in a hurry!

    Positive: Having the means to shop for good food for my family.

  5. Dawn-
    I don't hold that against you at all. Now, if you had referred to me as =
    Lynn, then we got issues! HA!

  6. Hey! I promise I will not go to your exercise least not anytime soon. That Diane lady scares me and I would probably injure someone. I will stick to the ellipitcal. Hope all is well!!


  7. Um, I think I agreed with everything you said... and not just "yeah, I don't like that", but I mean "Yah, I freaking HATE that". The pillowcase thing is SO true!

  8. Hi Lynette! I think I better come out of lurk mode and introduce myself! lol I found a link to your blog through Beth's and 2 things caught my eye..first I am a fitness fanatic (mostly love to run and race the 1/2 marathon distance and enjoy taking classes as the gym) and 2nd, I have a son named Carson so I bookmarked your blog and enjoy checking in. I am from Olympia, WA almost 34 yo and SAHM to Carson (almost 10) and Jace who is 6. Just wanted to say hi. :o) ~Cydnee

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  10. Well done! Some days it can be a real challenge to find the positives. I related most to the husband pushing the snooze button!

  11. That was a great post. And I was inspired to leave you a comment! I have pillow case pet peeve also.


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