Thursday, May 01, 2008

Being made

Last night I went to my regular Wednesday night work out class. I walk in and there is a guy sitting at a table with a bunch of video camera equipment and a laptop. I drop the boys off in the child care room and notice the room is completely clean and organized and child care lady is telling my boys they can't be loud, yell or make a mess. So I ask the girl what the heck is going on. Come to find out MTV is taping an episode of the show "Made".

Seriously? Yep, seriously.

Why this particular gym I wonder since the girl is not from the city I live in, but is from a surrounding town. I am standing outside the room where they are taping waiting for my class to start thinking they might get a shot of me in the background, but then they closed the doors. Yes, I was being nosy. But I thought it was kinda cool that they were here filming. That kind of stuff doesn't happen too often around here.

It got me thinking what would I do if I were to be on that show, figuratively that is, not that I'd ever in a million years apply to be on the show. But what is it that I have always wanted to try and do or try to be but I've let other things get in the way?

I think one of my goals is to be more knowledgeable in a general sense. It's not anything a show can transform me into. I want to learn things, but keep a godly perspective. I don't want to chase after worldly knowledge and let God's wisdom take a back seat? I need to find that balance and it's not easy.

What I should really be asking is what does God want to make me into? Not what do I want for myself.

I'm getting deep here, huh? Self searching. I want to have meaning and purpose and feel useful. What am I letting stand in my way? What am I afraid of? Why do I care?

Thanks for letting me ramble.

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