Monday, May 19, 2008

The garage sale weekend

This past week has been so busy. I have been preparing for the garage sale we had on Friday and Saturday, along with deep cleaning and de-cluttering for the 2 house showings we had during the garage sale. What timing, huh?

I am one of those strange people who enjoy every aspect of having a garage sale. I love finding things to sell, organizing and pricing the items, sitting outside all day in the sun while I watch people buy our stuff, making a decent amount of money, and even cleaning up and packing it away to give to the neighbor for their fund raising garage sale in June. My husband made a funny comment. He said, "Don't you feel bad making people pay money for our junk?" And I replied, "Heck no! That's what garage sales are all about."

Garage sales sure bring out all kinds of breeds of people, if I can put it nicely that way. And with all the different breeds, you're bound to get interesting comments and questions. For instance, one woman asked, "How much you want for the Chinese balls?" A few gentlemen were looking specifically for tools, of which we had none. And one man made the comment, "You must not be going through a divorce." True.

People will also buy pretty much anything. N*Sync and Backstreet Boys CD's, bras, potty seats, stuffed animals, "Happy Meal" toys, used make-up, and more.

And the neighborhood kids swarm each sale (our entire neighborhood participated) and raid the free box and spend countess quarters buying cookies and pop. My oldest son Taylor and a few of his friends decided to try and attract buyers by dressing up in costumes and standing on the corner. I think they caused the opposite, but they were very entertaining. These pictures will be great to display at their high school graduation open house. Bribery!


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