Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My little Luke

Yesterday I went to vote in the primary election and a sweet older gentleman gave me a sticker to wear that showed "My Vote Counted." When I got home Luke looked at my sticker and asked if I had gotten my shots. He figured since I received a sticker I must have had to get a shot. He's so cute and so observant.

On Monday he celebrated his 3rd birthday. I couldn't post that day because my laptop battery was exhausted and my charger was broken, but I'm back up and running. We're finally out of the 2's, but I know for sure the 3's can be even more of a challenge. I've been there with 2 other boys so we'll see how this year pans out.

Luke is at that age where he is starting to say cute things. Not that he hasn't in the past, but now you can actually understand him better. Not only does he say cute things, but he also says things that can be embarrassing.

Such as last night, we were playing outside and I was chatting to the neighbors. This particular neighbor's name is Doug, but Luke could never pronounce his name so he always ended up calling him Dad. And the name has stuck. Doug's parents pull up and they are all outside in their driveway talking while Luke and I were playing in our backyard. Luke asks me who those people are and I tell him it's our neighbors grandma and grandpa. I should have known better to use first names because right off the bat Luke starts yelling, "Hi grandpa!" and continues to yell it until his greetings are acknowledged. So apparently we're related to our neighbors, little did I know.

Another example of how embarrassing a 3 year old can be was the time we were out grocery shopping. We were in an aisle where there were a lot of people and I was starving. My stomach makes this really loud obnoxious sound when it's low on food and it so happened to make that particular noise at that moment. Luke apparently hears it and asks in a rather loud voice, "Mom, you have to go poop?" Oh, the snickering around me was ridiculous. I couldn't make eye contact with anyone.

Don't you just love funny kid embarrassing moments? We'll always remember them for sure.


  1. Oh boy, that comment in the grocery store must have been mortifying. Don't you love it that his speech has become so much clearer (to all)? They do say the cutest things at this age. And your recollection of the toddler years with your other two is accurate. 3 is a trying age! But fun, too.

  2. Gotta love it!

    and Happy belated Birthday Luke!

  3. Happy Birthday Luke!

    Oh, and don't worry too much about what he says. You'll get him back in front of his friends when he's a teen.

  4. happy belated birthday to Luke~

  5. Madison is two and a half. Everything that comes out of her mouth is funny and hysterical. It is hard for me to understand that this tiny person can comprehend and articulate everything now. It's CUrazy, seriously.
    I love you grocery store story. I can see it happening, too funny!


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