Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The boys make me laugh

I originally started this blog to document all the funny and memorable things my boys say and do.

And today I bring it back to it's roots and keep you up to date on their latest words.


I was at the grocery store shopping with my 3 year old Luke. As I was waiting in line to pay, my son picks up a bottle of Pine Sol floor cleaner. He looks at it, holds it up to me and asks, "Mom, is this beer?"


We were driving back home along a rural stretch of road. I announce to the boys that there are cows out in the field. Carson, my 5 year old replies, "They look like buffalo."


On Mother's Day I walk out of the bedroom in the morning to see our table filled with flowers, gifts, and cards from the boys and my husband. Luke is very excited and yells out, "Mom - Happy Birthday!" I had to correct him and remind him that it wasn't my birthday, but was Mother's Day. He looks at me with confusion, walks away, and mumbles, "Happy Easter."


Out on a shopping adventure at the mall I am standing in line to pay with both Carson and Luke. They are getting impatient as the line is taking a very long time, plus it was nap time so they were restless. At the checkout there are bags of candy, and Luke begins to lick one of the bags. If that wasn't bad enough, he looks at a man standing behind us and says, "It's Daddy!" The man was a bit embarrassed but was a good sport and said, "Don't let my wife hear that!" I do have to give Luke credit, the guy was dressed like my husband when he goes to work and they were about the same height and had the same color hair and style. So, Luke was close, but not quite.


  1. Oh, so funny. I just LOVE stories like these, thanks for sharing.


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