Monday, October 20, 2008

As political as you will see this blog get.

I couldn't resist - I like to infuse humor in every aspect of life.

Cat championship include Obama, McCain - the cats

NEW YORK (AP) — Barack Obama and John McCain will attend a New York cat show this weekend — Obama the Bombay cat and McCain the American Shorthair, that is.

The two felines are vying for the title of "Purr-fect President" at the Cat Fanciers' Association-IAMS 2008 championship that opens Saturday at Madison Square Garden.

More than 40 breeds are represented among the several hundred competing animals. The top title goes for "Best in Show."

In addition, hundreds of other kittens and cats will be available for adoption.

This year's show also features a rescued New Jersey shelter cat and member of the Iams Trained Cats that perform Olympic-style tricks.

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