Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A little help here please.

Here is a sad look at my Famous Footwear card that I have destroyed.

I was attempting to unlock our basement storage room door, which the boys locked without knowing it. Or so they say. Uh-huh, likely story.

I need your help. How in the world do you pick a lock with a credit card? All I've been able to do is lose my chance at saving any money at the shoe store. (Don't worry, I'll be requesting a replacement card.)

Of course, I don't have the key, nor have we ever had the key to this door. And it's not the kind you can just stick the end of a paper clip in. It's an actual lock that requires a key or someone with a background in breaking and entering. Either of which I do not possess.

Any suggestions out there? And I would prefer to keep the door in one piece, thank you. Although, the frustration I'm feeling could build up to one massive kick to the door which would solve this one problem, but create a few more that I don't need.

There's no panic - no one is actually in there. I was just hoping to take this opportunity while the older boys are at school and the younger one is napping to clean out some toys and games we don't need.

Thanks y'all!


  1. oooh, you're poor card! I have no idea how to help, but I wanted to offer my sympathies anyway!

    Good luck!

  2. I wish I had a great suggestion, but I don't.

    We once had a landscaper accidentally lock our garage door and we've never had a key for that lock. (It was the big door that you drive the car through...the only door to our garage!)

    We had a locksmith drill the lock, which cost about $75. Luckily, I deducted it from what we paid the landscaper for the tree removal, so we didn't lose money on that fiasco.

    Good luck to you!


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