Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Grandma's games

A few posts back I wrote about fun games I remember playing as a kid. I was reading on a local message board about similar games and remembered two that I am very fond of playing, which my Grandma taught me.

It's been awhile since I have played these, but they are SO much fun and can be extremely entertaining. They are not only fun to play with your kids, but also with adults.

I am not sure these games really have a name, but here they are:

Mini Story
This game works best with three or more players.
You will need pieces of paper about the size of an index card and some pencils.
Each person writes the name of a person and it can be a character from TV or a real life person. Once you've written the name, fold the paper over to hide it and pass your paper to the left.
The next part you write an action or something that person did such as, "ate a bowl of ice cream." Fold it over and pass it again to your left.
The last part you write why they did the action such as, "because there was a thunderstorm."
It doesn't have to make any sense, and it's actually funnier when they are random.
Last, fold the paper once more and pass it to the left.
Then each player takes turns reading their mini story.

Funny Creatures
This game can have two to three players.
You will need paper and pencils.
Each players draws the head of your creature making it as silly or as normal as you want. Fold the paper leaving only the neck showing and pass it to the left.
Next, draw the torso of the creature including the arms, chest and waist. Fold and pass to the left.
Last, draw the bottom half of the creature including the legs and feet. Fold and pass left.
Then take turns revealing your funny creature to everyone.

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  1. The second game sounds great. Oh, I just looked at the potty dolly too. I laughed! But I'm also glad that my girls are getting too old for dolls. I'm VERY sure I don't want this in my house.


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