Wednesday, October 01, 2008


· While folding laundry I realized that Luke and I wear the same size. Of course not in the literal sense.

· I had my first kiss in fifth grade and I realized that Taylor is now in fifth grade. I'm not ready for that chapter in his life.

· October is here and I just realized we are going on a cruise the end of this month which makes me realize I am not even close to being ready.

· I got an invitation to a jewelry party here in Ohio. I just realized it's the first event I have been invited to since we moved here.

· Our house is still on the market back in Indiana and I just realized it's been too long and we NEED to sell it.

· I took Carson and Luke to the dentist for a teeth cleaning and I realized that Carson has now lost 8 teeth at the age of 5 and his two front teeth are already in. The dentist was even surprised at how early this was happening.

· And I also just realized that Taylor (who is 11) has only lost one more tooth than Carson has.

· I finally realized how nice it is to have our bedroom back to ourselves at night.

· I realized the song Realize by Colbie Caillat may be stuck in your head right about now.

· I realized that I have already typed the word realize 13 times. And it's starting to sound funny in my head.

· I just realized I am a dork and apparently I am bored.

Imagine that.

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