Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I'll take it

I was going out to get the mail just now and two neighbor girls were across the street playing basketball. They yell out to me, "Hey Regan - want to play?"

I turn around thinking Regan is behind me, which she's not. I yell back, "I'm not Regan, I'm Taylor's mom." They apologize and say they are so sorry.

Don't be! That was the best compliment of the day - someone thinking I am a cute 6th grader.

I must be aging gracefully or I may need to re-evaluate my choice in clothing.


  1. That would have made my day! You look fabulous!

  2. you are just too darn cute lynette. LOVE the top!!


  3. You look great. Go with the aging gracefully thoughts....

  4. You do look hot. :)
    I need to stop by here daily. You motivate me to exercise more!


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