Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hide and Seek

"They've found me. I don't know how, but they've found me. Run for it Marty!"

Do you know what movie that is from? It's my all time favorite.

Back to the Future!

This phrase has been running through my head and it's so pertinent, except that I'm not referring to the Libyans. It's my boys - they've found my stash.

And before you all go freaking out - my stash is chocolate, nothing illegal here.

Around this house chocolate does not last but a few days. The kids are like vultures when I occasionally buy it - they can smell it through the grocery bag. So, unless I hide it, there is no chance I will get the daily dose I need. And yes, it's a necessity.

I have found that when I get a craving for something sweet I can either devour a huge piece of cheesecake, a half dozen cookies, a king size candy bar, or I can sneak off to my stash and indulge in a wonderful piece of Dove dark chocolate. That will satisfy my craving and saves me tons of empty calories.

This was working all fine and dandy until Carson got a little too sneaky and discovered my awesome hiding spot. The nerve of him!

I may have to try Here's the Diehl's suggestion and hide them in the freezer. Any other suggestions? This girl needs her chocolate for her sanity and well-being!

In the meantime, I think I will turn on my favorite movie and sit down with a bowl of M&M's. Oh wait - Carson found those too.


  1. I love that you referenced Back to the Future! Every time it's on TV we have to stop and watch.

    Yeah, the freezer is my only suggestion.

  2. Oh, I can relate! I had a stash of chocolate in my bedroom armoire (shameful!) and I still remember the day that David discovered it. He had his first ever toddler tantrum when I refused to share it with him and he threw himself on the floor!

  3. The other day at the video rental store, we picked up some movies and a box of those irresistible Chocolate SnoCaps. Guess who came to mind in that decision?

  4. Well my kids are a little older but what works for me? Um, I hide my stash in a tampon box under my sink. No one goes in there but me.... ;)

  5. I'm so sorry they found your stash. My two are too short to find my hiding place right now (sugar bowl of an old china set in our glass front cabinet).

    Thanks so much for the vote and for stopping by my blog! :)

  6. I love your blog even more now!
    I find chocolate to be a necessity, too.
    Hiding spots...I'd also say dresser drawer. OR...this may work. Save an empty box of tissue, and put it in there, then cover it with a tissue, or even better, "feminine product" (wrapped, of course) so the kids wouldn't want to go in there. ;)

    Question for ya-do you prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate, or do you just find that dark choc. curbs the craving better?

  7. Got to your blog through Tired Mama. I used to be a huge chocoholic but I think my system crashed! (-; So, I don't crave as much anymore.

    Sometimes, when I do, I reach into our large (for cookies only) bag o' chocolate chips for a small (or large) bowl!

    p.s. Too bad about the nose ring. Do you have a tattoo, too?

  8. I cannot believe he found them there! Craziness. That is such a great hiding spot!

    I put my stash on top of the fridge. Not too original, but it's high.

    I love Dove Dark Chocolate. Delish!

  9. Back to the Future is one of our favorites too!
    Sorry they found your stash, I have to give "most creative" to Leanne for a new hiding spot!


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