Friday, April 24, 2009

The perfect contest.

I recently re-joined Twitter.  I thought I'd give it another chance and actually try to use it this time around.  

I found this site via 5 Minutes for Mom and decided to join in the fun.  It's called Plumkeeper and they are having a "Moms Tweet the Darndest Things About Their Kids" Twitter contest.  Basically you submit tweets about things your kids say or do that are funny.  

Yeah, this is perfect for me and my boys.  So I spent some time during the day digging up some of my favorites from the years past and posted them.  It would be really cool if one of them made it to the finals.  We'll find out on May 2nd when they choose the top 5.  

If you are on Twitter you should join in on the fun.  There are some good stories on there so far.

I added one that had just happened as I was folding laundry.  Sometimes I play a laundry game with Luke where I will pull out a piece of clothing and ask him random questions about the item such as who it belongs to, what color it is, etc.  Well, I pulled out a pair of thong underwear and asked him what he thought it was.  His response, "broken underwear."  


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  1. Hi Lynette, I'm also Lynette. I thought it odd that I was also in the top ten on the "mom's tweet the darnedest things". I'm wondering now, if they told all of us that...? I think your respones were cute, that's why I read this blog. I like the way you write, it keeps me interested. I can't believe they had 2 Lynette's in the top ten!
    Mine was the one about the 2 granddaughters lookng at the baby bother, "That's a penis", said one. "No, that's my baby brother", said the other.
    Keep do a great job!!


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