Monday, August 25, 2008

The Exam

It seems to be official. It looks like I may be an actual resident of Ohio now. I have been diligently transferring car titles, plates, registration, registering to vote, and just this past week I ran out of checks and when I opened the next box it contained ones with our new Ohio address.

The last thing on my to-do list was to apply for an Ohio license. I didn't realize how much work it entailed. They make all out of state applicants take a written exam.

As in a test.

I hate tests. They make my anxiety level rise, so needless to say, I have been putting it off. I had been reading the manual on and off for the past 3 weeks, so I got a little studying under my belt. The only place that had a testing site was a half hour away. So me and the boys made a day of it. But first I had to get this test out of the way. I should have thought about the fact that the boys hadn't eaten yet and they would have to sit quietly while I plugged away at the exam. Not an easy task for 3 boys who have ants in their pants and like to make fart noises when it's supposed to be quiet. Embarrassing? Yes. I did take them to lunch afterwards and we made it to 2 animal shelters to visit the doggies.

But, back to the test. It had a total of 40 questions and in order to pass you could not miss more than 11. The test was done on a touch screen computer and it would tell you after each question you answered whether or not it was correct before the next question was presented. Each time I would answer one wrong, I would jump a bit in my seat and a swear word would slip out under my breath. I felt the pressure rise. Apparently, I didn't study well enough because I ended up missing 7. But, I did pass (at 70%) and I am now the owner of an Ohio drivers license with a very blurry picture on it.

Hey, I even told the truth about my height and weight. That should have earned me some bonus points!


  1. i'm surprised that you had to do that with just moving States. We had to do the WHOLE test coming from another country. THAT was horribly scary! You start to worry about all the bad habits...oh, it was horrible!!!

  2. It doesn't seem fair that you had to take a written exam to get your drivers license here because I pass plenty of people on the road everyday that would surely fail! How did those folks get a license?!!??


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