Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Psycho eyes

This past weekend I had my annual eye exam. Being that we moved and all, I had to find a new optometrist. Since the fifth grade I have worn glasses and was going to the same eye doctor until the last 2 years when he opened his own practice and no longer was covered under my insurance. I didn't mind so much having to find a new doctor. But the crazy thing was at this appointment was the very first time I have ever had my eyes dilated. Yes, 20 years or so of wearing glasses and not once have I ever experienced enlarged pupils. And when I say enlarged, I mean mammoth proportions! It was very freaky. Take a look yourselves. That's right, click on the picture if you need to and you'll see just what I am talking about. Insane. Downright psycho!

This lasted for a good 5 hours or so. My vision was very blurry and my eyes were very sensitive to light. Good thing I had my appointment at high noon on a cloud free bright and sunny day! Oh yes, that was a fun drive home by myself. I attempted to shield my eyes from the burning rays of sun by wearing 2 pairs of sunglasses. Yeah, I was a fashion statement. Then I remembered when I used to go to a tanning bed that I still had my eye protective goggles in the van. So I pulled those babies out and it was magical, except the way I looked of course. But I didn't care. Whatever it would take to get me home. And it was a good thing I knew my way home and didn't have to rely on street signs or I would have been in real trouble.

What's one of the first things I did when I got home? You would think I would have gone in a dark room for a nap and let the dilation wear off. Nope, not me. I decided to make homemade cookies. You should have seen me trying to read the recipe. Here I am holding it close to my face, which just made it more blurry and then holding it as far out as I can guessing that my measurements would do. The cookies turned out just fine.

After those were done, there was still so much day left and it was a beautiful one so we didn't want to waste it. What better to do after getting your pupils dilated then to spend it outside at a local county fair. So, that' what we did. Luckily the dilation was starting to wear off so I didn't have to completely embarrass my family by walking around with tanning goggles on. I sure would have fit in with some of the other freak shows that were there.


  1. I would have loved to see you driving around town with two pairs of sunglasses and tanning goggles! I have had my eyes dialated before and I could not drive home...I really thought I was going to crash...I couldn't even see the dashboard! They need to warn you about that kind of stuff!!

  2. Oh my gosh. I get my eyes dilated tomorrow (for the first time). I already have super sensitive eyes to the sun so I am not looking forward to this experience. How uncanny that you wrote about it just 2 days before my appointment. Thanks for the heads up on what to expect.

    My dr. prefers to do dilations in the afternoon but I insisted on a morning appointment so I could drive across the street aftwerwards (to work) and not be afraid of the 30 minute drive home with dilated eyes.

  3. Oh, this is SUCH a funny story, oh my gosh! You ARE crazy!


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