Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What do I need? Let's find out.

This looked like a lot of fun so I thought I'd play along. I first saw this on Teresa's blog Living the Army Wife Life. If you would like to play along just Google your first name and add the word 'needs' to see what it comes up with.

Lynette needs:
1) new glasses (yep - that's in the process of being taken care of.)

2) help with pit (as in bull, as in the dog breed. And yes, true, I need help to stop me from wanting to adopt one- they are so cute!)

3) to put him in a nursing home (who the heck are we talking about here?)

4) pure oxygen (some days that feels so true.)

5) to get a grip on her vanity (Really? Naw!)

6) pampering (y'all read my mind!)

7) to drive now (sweet home Indiana - here I come!)

8) a lobotomy (a bit extreme if you ask me.)

9) more balls (last time I checked I was a girl, now if we're talking about toys - I'm up to my ears in balls. That sounded really bad, didn't it?)

10) to look on the bright side (I like this one - good one to end on!)

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