Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The last days of summer

Yes, the last week of summer break is here. I am looking forward to getting the boys (and I suppose myself) back on a schedule. I have enjoyed the sleeping in, but I haven't enjoyed the boys at each others throats. They need school. They need it now. Mom needs her sanity back.

Since these are the last few days of "freedom" as Taylor would call it, I have decided to make the best of them. First we packed up our lunch and had a picnic next to the lake and then we made our way down to the beach front. (You'll have to excuse the quality as this was taken with my camera phone.)

We pretty much had the beach to ourselves which was nice, that way I could yell at my kids without the usual audience. I kid, I kid - there was minimal yelling. When the boys are at the beach they are transformed into happily contented children. I look at them and think, whose kids are these? They are playing together and not fighting (90% of the time). It is actually fun to watch. I forgot to bring the sand toys, but they were okay with that and ended up collecting sticks, rocks, feathers, and garbage. They were being very creative while playing with what they had found. I have noticed that the few beaches I have found around our area do not have much sand. That was a hard realization for me since I am used to The Dunes - there is no comparison.

Today I was planning on taking the kids to a few parks in our town, but it doesn't look like the forecast is going to cooperate. Therefore, it looks like we're off to see a movie at the theater and maybe hit the mall for some shopping afterwards.

For the rest of the week I have a few ideas up my sleeve. Some of which include a visit to our county fair, a visit to an animal shelter, mini golf and driving range, roller skating, shopping for more furniture, and a trip back to our old hometown to see my favorite comedian, none other than Mr. Jim Gaffigan.


  1. Kudos to you for finding ways to enjoy the last days of summer rather than counting down to the moment when school starts. I hope your family enjoys a spectacular and memorable week!

  2. What a great way to end the summer! It is nice to sleep in but there is something about getting them back into a routine and not trying to kill each other that's worth it's weight in gold! Love the pics-

  3. Wow, you are really packing in the fun on your last days of "freedom"! Good for you!


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