Saturday, August 16, 2008

Getting used to the changes

Since moving to Ohio almost 2 months ago I have noticed things here that are different from Indiana. There are things that I have never heard of before such as a clambake, which I still really don't know what it is, but it sounds disgusting.

Also something new and a brilliant idea if you ask me is a drive through liquor store. No, I am serious. It is similar in style to a car wash, without any of the machinery, just whatever type of alcohol you want. You drive your car in one side, place your order, they put it in your car for you, and then you drive out - after paying of course.

Then there is the grocery store experience. One store in particular does not allow grocery carts to leave the store. I realized this as I was pushing the cart out of the store loaded with groceries. Oops, but no one stopped me. They have a separate parcel pick up area. When you're done shopping, you take the cart filled with your groceries to the drop off area where they give you a number to hang on your car window. Then you pull up in your car, hand them the number and they load your groceries for you - for no extra cost and they don't expect a tip.

It seems that this state is becoming a bit lazy or is the better word convenience? You be the judge.

While in a different grocery store, which had an amazing wine section, I was heading to the check out lanes and noticed a sign above which read, "No Candy Lane." At first I was confused what that could possibly mean and then it dawned on me that another brilliant idea was to help us parents out who are shopping with children. You can check out in this lane and not have to worry about your kids pestering you for a candy bar, etc. This store also had a daycare in the front, which I am not sure how it worked. Apparently, you can drop your kids off (for a nominal fee) while you grocery shop. I would SO pay for that service. I wonder if a mom is the owner of this particular chain of grocery store? Daycare service, no candy lane, enormous wine department. Yes, a mother has to be the brains behind this place.

We visited a local ice cream shop which has the best peanut butter cup sundaes. Holy cow! And look what they have hanging from the wall. Creepy - just a bit.

Another place we went to check out was a mini golf family fun park center. It was a bit outdated and I was confused and frightened by the mechanical old lady in a rocking chair who was missing a finger. She had the creepiest hollow looking eyes that would follow you when her head turned. It just wasn't right I tell you. I kept waiting for her to jump out at us or start talking like an evil witch.

We have some pretty decent shopping around here. Although there is no Menards. The closest one is over 100 miles away. Same with IKEA - that one is over 200 miles away. But I do have these two stores - and they happen to be neighbors which makes me very happy.

And speaking of, I need to get my butt out the door. Old Navy is having their summer clearance sale today. I'm off to find some bargains!


  1. Oh wow- I'd love that grocery store!!


  2. Nursery in a grocery store?!? That's just genius!

    When we first moved to GA from Canada we couldn't get over the amount of drive-through places; photo stores, dry cleaners and even city hall.
    We also thought that it was laziness!

    It's hard getting used to so many different changes. The first time we went grocery shopping it was just me and my husband and it took us almost 3 hours! EVERYTHING was different. We couldn't get over the bigger portion sizes AND how everything was already pre-packaged!

  3. That grocery store MUST have been designed by a mom you are right! Exploring a new area sounds fun and congrats on the Old Navy and Marshall's!

  4. Welcome to the neighborhood. It Sounds like you've discovered Giant Eagle and Heinen's!

    I think the thought of a drive-through liquor store is hilarious considering that we really don't want people to drink and drive. They're really convenient for buying lottery tickets without getting out of the car, though!

  5. I would totally move to OH just for the drive through liquor store...not sure if it sends the right message (do they have MADD in OH!)...but I don't care...that's freakin' cool! The granny in the rocking chair freaks me out a little! Hope all is well!!!


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  7. Wine and shopping all in one post. I think I like this one! Lol.

    Isn't it strange how everything can be so different in the same country? Don't worry though you'll get used to it. Honest. Soon were you came from will seem strange...:)


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