Thursday, August 28, 2008

All the randomness you can handle

I have issues with words that end in "le". I always want to switch it to "el". Such as handle (handel), candle, (candel), sandle, (sandel), vandal - just kidding on that last one.

I can never spell the word “definitely” right on the first try. I always spell it “d-e-f-i-n-a-t-e-l-y”. It never fails, thank goodness for spellcheck!

I am a failure at getting up early and staying awake. Taylor has to leave the house every morning at 6:40 am to get on the bus. I have set my alarm to 6 am, but always turn it off. I end up waking up at 6:30 and send him out the door with a hug and kiss, but then I return to bed and don't get up for another 2 hours.

I have had the urge to go shopping a lot lately. I don’t care where (give me Goodwill or the mall), but I just find pleasure in looking at things, and even more when I buy them. But sometimes, if I’ve spent more than usual, I get home and have buyers’ remorse. And it doesn't help that we are in the market for a new table and chair set, living room set, and bedroom set. But that's a whole other post.

I did order a sweet new pair of running shoes. I hope to get them in the next few days. I need to break them in before I run a 5 mile race on Sept. 6th. My husband will be running the same race with me and I am hoping to kick his butt, but don’t tell him that, even though he reads my blog and all. A little friendly competition is always good. Bring it baby!

I love the sound of a clock ticking when the house is quiet. But it shouldn’t be this quiet right now. Crap – I better go check on the boys.

Oh – they’re fine. They’re playing in the garage since it’s raining out. Those two sure have become good play buddies since we've moved. Sure, they have their moments, but it's so wonderful to see them having a good time together and giggling. It makes my heart happy.

Both Taylor and Carson started school this week and it is going really good. Every morning Carson gets up and takes a bath on his own. He says he has to be clean for school. Works for me, but we'll see how long it lasts. Luke starts a 2 day a week preschool program next week. We're trying to get him excited, but he seems a bit hesitant. Even my hubby is starting school in a few weeks. He is going for his MBA which is awesome. As for me, I will be the supporter and homework checker. I am content with that.

Tonight is going to be a fun one for Taylor and Jason. They have front row tickets to the final pre-season Browns vs Bears football game here in Cleveland. And they are on the Bears goal line - I am a bit jealous. I asked Taylor who he'll be cheering for and he said he is going to wear both his Browns and Bears jerseys and switch with each team that's in the lead. Such a true fan. It will be televised and I believe it starts at 7:30 (eastern time).

This past weekend we traveled back to our hometown and enjoyed some family time and a date night. I had my first Chipotle Mexican Grill experience and can easily say I am hooked. I had no idea how delicious and filling a fresh burrito could be. Then we saw Jim Gaffigan perform. Our seats were great (4th row) and we enjoyed the show. I think the best part of that day was running into Beth and Brian and being able to visit with them. Oh, how I miss that girl!

And on the way home we stopped (one too many times - again another post) at a rest stop and I saw the strangest thing in the front seat of a car next to us. Now tell me that isn't weird. Freaky, eh?


  1. O.K. don't really want to know about the dear...
    Can't believe that it was your first time at Chipotle or is it Chipotel ;), anyway I am truly hooked LOVE the burrito bowl!

    Kick his butt!!!

  2. I like the randomness.

    First time to Chipotle? Good stuff.

    That's so cool that you and Beth (and hubbies) ran into each other while at Jim Gaffigan. I have GOT to see him sometime.

    Deer head in front seat of car?? Freaky! Now, I'm sadly pretty used to deer heads since my stepdad is a hunter and are mounted in the basement at their house, but that picture is disturbing and would startle (or startel?, ha) me big time if I pulled up alongside it.

    Good luck at the race!


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