Wednesday, August 06, 2008

More "kid" sayings for you.

Here is another installment of the things my boys say, and I threw a couple in there from a few adults. I have been keeping track of them in a notebook which I take along with me in my purse. We were out to lunch the other day at the Cheesecake Factory (don't hate me!) and to help keep Luke from poking the people in the head who were sitting in the booth behind us, I had him draw in this notebook. As any 3 year old, he had to fill up every page in the book with his doodles, I mean artwork. So, before I lose these documented kid sayings to more graffiti, I better type them up here for you all to enjoy.


We were in the hair salon and Carson was being his usual "drive-Mom-crazy" self. As we were walking out he asked, "Mom, was I bad, but not that bad?"


Carson was trying to find his shoes and we were in a hurry. I could sense his frustration and he announced it by saying, "Oh Barnacles!" Looks like he's been watching one too many Spongebob episodes.


In our new neighborhood we have a few ponds that have fountains spraying water out of them. We were driving past one and there was a house on the corner that had a nice back porch that went right up to the water. Carson commented by saying, "Wouldn't it be cool to sit there and watch the pond and drink wine?" He knows me too well!


We arrived at the gym, parked the car and was getting ready to cross the street. There was a car approaching with it's windows down, but it stopped and the man waved to us to cross. Since his window was open, I told the man "thank you!" Carson looks at me and says, "Mom! You shouldn't talk to strangers. They might take you away!"


We went to Burger King for lunch and I got Luke a cheeseburger. He unwrapped it and much to his delight announced, "Oh, look! Pumpkin seeds!" Apparently, that is what he thought the sesame seeds were. Miniature pumpkin seeds.


Another day and another visit to Burger King to get the kids a bite to eat, Jason pulled into the drive thru and began to say our order. He got a bit tongue-tied and instead of saying "kids cheeseburger meal" it came out as "chids meal". I guess you had to be there to hear it, but I couldn't stop laughing.


During our visit back home for Taylor's birthday party, my best-est friends Jenny, Mandi and I were having a conversation. Jenny was attempting to refer to a "rotary phone", but unintentionally called it a "rotisserie phone". She didn't even catch the mistake until we were all dying with laughter. She will never live that one down. Nope.


Luke has the cutest way of saying the words parking spot. He says, "Sparking Pot."


Carson's word for Darth Vader is "Dark the Vader".


While in the van with Taylor's friend Jacob and the boys, Jacob looked at the temperature and said, "it's eighty-eight degrees out." Again he said, "Wow - I can't believe it's 88 degrees outside." Luke had a look of annoyance on his face and said, "Jacob, stop saying 'idiot'!"

Later that same day, Carson was playing baseball and announced he was on the Indian's team. Luke then said, "Yeah, you're an idiot."

We need to get that boys' ears checked.


  1. I'm laughing. Who needs fiction anyway?

  2. You have such a comical bunch! Watch out for those strangers!!

  3. Loved them all! Great idea about carrying a notebook around to write those down. I always hear something and think to myself that I really ought to blog about that later and then never remember it once I'm home.

    I must say that my favorite one of all would have to be the one about the pond and the wine. :)

  4. Oh My gosh! I am in tears reading these! I amjust cracking up!Kids do say the darndest things!That's for sure. They are so...funny! Chids meal? that is so... Jason,maybe that was the day he had to large of a latte? hee! hee!


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