Sunday, February 05, 2006

My Little Idol Fan

As a lot of you know I enjoy watching the show American Idol and my kids usually watch it with me. This season has kicked up once again and they have started with the auditions - good and bad. I was sitting on the floor with Carson during last weeks Tuesday night episode and Carson was quietly sitting on my lap intently watching the show. When the contestants came out and did not make the cut some got really mad and had to be censored. I was thankful for that. Next up to try out was a girl with absolutely no talent. She got reamed by the judges and wasn't taking it well. She comes out the door and Ryan Seacrest asked what she felt about the judges and their decision. Her reply was, "they can kiss my butt!" Well, the censoring could have gone a little farther. Carson absorbed that comment like a sponge and was off and running, yelling and giggling, "Kiss My Butt Mom!" Thanks a lot American Idol!

On another Idol moment, back last year on April 4, 2005 I was having a conversation with Carson and asked him what he liked to watch on TV. He said replied, "Thomas the train." I asked what else he liked to watch. Then with a big grin he replied, "Bo Bice!" Oh yeah! That's my boy. I loved Bo Bice from last year's American Idol run. He's awesome! Carson knows good talent.

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  1. He is a little American Idol! Maybe he'll be on the show one day!


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