Thursday, February 16, 2006

Our church experiences

Practically ever since Carson was born we have been going to church and he has enjoyed his time in the nursery. For the last two years I have attended a Tuesday morning bible study for women and Carson will go to his version of church pre-school. It's been a good experience for him the majority of the time and some cute observations on his part have come about. For instance, on our way home from bible study one Tuesday Carson and I were talking and I asked him what his favorite part of church was. His reply with a big smile on his face was, "the girls." Uh-oh - watch out! My dad calls him Carsonova! I think that's a fitting nick name. Today we were looking out the window while his big brother Taylor was at the bus stop. Also at the bus stop was Zoe, a girl neighbor who Taylor plays with. Carson watched and looked at me with another big smile and asked, "Is Zoe a sweetheart?" Too funny! But back to the church experience, another cute episode was back on November 20, 2005. I was tucking Carson into bed and asked him to say his prayers as we do every night. Normally he quietly mumbles, so I end up helping say his prayers for him, but tonight was different. His prayer was as follows, "Dear God. Thank you for this day. Thank you for sticks, blocks, dominos and wagons. Amen." He was so sweet and sincere. I love it!

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  1. Lynette, Enjoying reading about the exploits of that little charmer, Carson. He is a bundle of energy and curiosity all wrapped up in an adventuresome nature and he absorbs everything he sees and hears. Look forward to your next posting.


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