Thursday, February 23, 2006

Wrong word

Yeah - so I've been slacking! There's just been more to do around here and not enough drive to do it all. So I thought I'd share with you all today some cute and funny "wrong word" stories from the last 5 years of Taylor's life and the start of Carson's. I have been keeping a "journal" which started off being milestones of Taylor as a baby, and has now turned into funny things my kids have done or said. I highly recommend doing this if you have small kids at home. You think you'll remember what they said, but unless you write it down chances are you'll forget. It makes for a good read and a good laugh later on in life. So here are some cute entry's from when Taylor (who is my oldest son) was between the ages of 3 and 8. Enjoy.

Taylor - age 3
May 4, 2001
I asked Taylor if he was hungry and his reply was, “Yeah – I’m roasting like a chicken!”

Taylor - age 4
July 27, 2001
We were at a restaurant in Bloomington and the waiter asked Taylor what he would like. He replied, “Popcorn chicken seafood.” translation = popcorn shrimp

August 20, 2001
Taylor was helping me with the 5/3 Bank float that we constructed for the Popcorn Festival. He stood with his back against the concrete pillar and said, “Look how much I weigh.” (Slight confusion with weight and height.)

September 1, 2001
Taylor saw a daddy long leg spider and called it a gran-daddy spider.

September 4, 2001
Taylor and I were in the car and he asked why our dog Sasha killed a rabbit. I told him that dogs like to hunt smaller animals that it’s just their instinct. Taylor responds, “Yeah, they stink.”

September 21, 2001
There is a bakery in town called Chuck’s Bakery, but Taylor thinks it’s called Charlie Brown Bakery.

September 21, 2001
We went hiking at Deep River and were talking about going to Turkey Run state park. A little while later Taylor mentioned the park again, but instead of referring to it as Turkey Run Park he called it Chicken Hike Park.

June 2002
Taylor’s word interpretations:
raccoons = ratcoons
gazebo = koziko
copy cat = coffee cat
dachshund dog a.k.a. “wiener dog” = banana dog

June 17, 2002
Taylor and I were sitting outside and I got the chills. Taylor asked, “Do you have the chicken pops?” I think he meant to ask if I had goose bumps.

Taylor - age 5
November 20, 2002
Taylor was at his grandparent’s house and wanted to play the hopscotch game, but he referred to it as hotchscŏp.

April 1, 2003
Taylor was out in the back yard and spotted a sticker bush and yelled, “Mom! Watch out for that splinter bush!”

May 15, 2003
I asked Taylor if he wanted a fried egg sandwich for lunch. He replied, “Yeah, OK. But, it’s not Friday.” He must have thought I said a Friday sandwich.

Taylor - age 6
November 9, 2003
Taylor and I were playing brain quest and one question asked the name of the animal that lives in the desert. Taylor’s answer, “Canimal.” (I think he meant camel!)

January 15, 2004
I was pumping gas in the van and Taylor asked, “How many meters of gas are you getting?”

Taylor - age 7
August 24, 2004
Carson had a diaper rash so I told Jason that when he changes his diaper he would need to put some A&W ointment on. I really meant to say A&D ointment. (A&W is a brand of root beer!)

November 25, 2004
I asked Taylor who Mark Twain was and he replied, “He’s an arthur.”

January 13, 2005
Taylor wanted me to guess which pair of socks he put on without looking so I said, “a white pair.” He asked what kind and I said I didn’t know. He showed me them and said (using a two-syllable pronunciation) “Hān-es.” I think he meant Hănes.

April 1, 2005
I was pregnant at the time with Luke and I mentioned to Taylor how my belly looks like I have a basketball in it. Taylor replies, “It sure Luke’s like it.”

June 19, 2005
Jason and I were talking about an upcoming wedding we are going to and Taylor asks, “Am I going to be the ring barrier?”

Taylor – age 8
December 5, 2005
Our city has a Live Nativity scene each year and other activities downtown during the Christmas season. Taylor asks, “Are we going downtown to see the Native Activity?”

Carson - age 3
January 25, 2006
Carson was eating graham crackers and he asked, “Can I have another graham crapper?”

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  1. Those last two are my FAVORITE! You're so good at keeping records of what your kids say! What a great idea!


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