Friday, February 17, 2006

Observant little guy

I have discovered that kids, whether or not you think they are paying attention, absorb everything around them and can retain that information better than most adults. Carson is no exception to this discovery. He is a sponge. And he also has selective hearing. I had to test him the other day to see if he really was having hearing issues or not. It seemed as if all day (and most every day) I have to constantly repeat myself and the things I want Carson to do or not do. He is testing his limits and my patience and I am not sure at this point who is winning. Some days I feel defeated. So I figured I would see if he really could hear me. After telling him repeatedly to come into the kitchen and find his shoes (probably 5 times) he would just stare at me and not move. Then he'd go back to whatever it was that he was doing. So I barely whispered, "do you want a cookie?" Guess what? He comes running down the hallway yelling, "Yeah, I want a cookie mommy." What a stinker! So I now know that his hearing is perfectly normal if not better than normal.

Carson is a fan of many kid shows, but one in particular is Blue's Clues. He enjoys finding clues that are marked with a paw print. Well, back in July 2005 I had dressed Luke for the day with a cute Carter's outfit that had a dog and paw print on it. Carson points to Luke's outfit and remarks, "Luke's got a clue!" Sure enough, there was a paw print on the shirt even though it was not a Blue's Clues shirt. Another show that Carson has enjoyed is the movie E.T. I thought it might be scary for him at first, but he really liked it. I was on the phone back in August 2005 and I had to give the spelling of my first name. So I said, "L-Y-N-E-T-T-E." Carson, who was in the kitchen with me remarked, "E-T! I want to watch ET."

This past month we had our kitchen floor, hallway and laundry room floors redone. During the process Carson was watching the men put the pieces of the floor together. I could see the observant wheels turning in his head. He asked me, "Are they doing a puzzle and can I help?" I told him it kinda was like a puzzle that they had to fit all of the pieces of the floor together, but I also told him that only older people can put these types of puzzles together. Well, his reply was, "When I get bigger I'm gonna do those puzzles too!" Future career? Maybe.

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  1. soooooooo observant! I love the one about Blue's Clues!! Great post, Lynette!


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