Thursday, February 09, 2006

Potty Time Adventures

For the past year ever since Carson turned 2 I have introduced the potty chair and have made many attempts to get Carson out of diapers. It was a long process, but I am happy to say that we've finally made it. Along the journey there have been some funny moments that I have taken note of and would love to share with everyone.

I was getting Carson dressed for the day and was hoping to put underwear on him instead of a pull-up. But I figured I'd give him a choice and asked him, "Carson, would you like to wear underwear or a pull-up today?" His reply was, "No - I wanna be naked."

January 2005
Carson was playing with our dog Sasha and lifted up her tail. He took a look and replied, "Poop!"

10-3-05 Toilet fascination
Being that we've introduced the toilet concept to Carson he has been very interested, but in the wrong way. Today he was playing with my toe separators that I use when I paint my toenails. They have ducks printed on them. He comes up to me after playing in Luke's room or at least where I thought he was playing and said, "the ducks are taking a bath." "Oh, really!" I said. And I asked him to show me. He leads me to the bathroom and points to the toilet. Sure enough, there were the ducks taking a bath in the toilet. YUCK!

The next day after the duck episode we were both in the bathroom as I was putting my make up on and Carson was sitting on his potty chair. He was playing with a bouncy ball and decided to throw it into the big toilet. These balls don't float and I wasn't about to stick my hand down the toilet to find it. So we said our goodbye's to the ball and called Papa over to see if he could rescue it. No luck, it was long gone.

Carson is now successfully pooping on his Elmo potty. He has a very good imagination because he will now observe his excrement and tell me what it looks like. So far he's seen a snake, a seahorse, a big bear, and a spaceship.

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  1. Carson is so creative with his poop! Maybe I should tell Anna about it and it will motivate her to do the same!!


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