Monday, February 27, 2006

Thanks for noticing

I love to see Carson get wrapped up with things that he is doing because he becomes very observant. Yesterday we were taking a trip to Michigan City and I was sitting in the back seat with Carson keeping him company. We decided to play the counting game. We counted the tires on his matchbox car, the dots on a toy lady bug, our ears, eyes, fingers, etc. Then Carson stopped and looked at my face very closely. He said, "and you have one, two moles Mom." Thanks Carson for pointing that out sweetheart!

Last week Carson and I were sitting at the table having our breakfast and Jason comes out from just getting cleaned up for the day. Carson looks at his dad and says, "You're hair looks nice today Daddy." That was something we didn't expect to hear, but how nice!

Back on September 8, 2005 Taylor and I were searching around the house for a particular toy that was lost. Carson actually found it and came up to me and says, "Give me a high five!"

On February 3, 2006 I was in the kitchen making lunch and Carson was in the front room watching TV. He comes into the kitchen and says, "there's something wrong with the TV Mom." So I go out to see what the problem is. He had turned it on the Spanish speaking channel. No wonder!

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  1. Okay, I laughed out loud at Carson thinking something was wrong with the TV!! TOO FUNNY!!


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