Monday, February 13, 2006

What are you afraid of?

Kids can be so funny when it comes to their fears. Carson is a pretty laid back kid and not too many things get to him. But, there are a few things that he just doesn't like. Here are a few instances:

June 18, 2005
I was giving Carson a bath and he kept looking up at the shower head with a frightened look in his eyes. I asked him what was the matter and he replied, "I don't like that guy." He must have thought it resembled a face of some sort is all I can figure out.

July 5, 2005
We frequent our local Wal-Mart at least once a week and lately Carson gets panicked when we get up to the check out lines. At first, I could not understand it, but then it became quite clear. We were in the line that was closest to the nail salon, and in the salon they have a very large black sculpture of a hand with very long nails on it. So after I finished at the check out I thought we'd stroll over to the nail salon and see if he really was afraid of this hand. I thought Carson was going to jump out of his seat belt in the cart. He was very panicked and was squeezing my arm saying, "No, no, no, no - I don't like that creepy hand." So I have found I can somewhat use this fear to my advantage. If Carson is acting up in Wal-Mart I can just ask him if he wants to go see "the hand" and that will usually do the trick. Am I mean or what?!?!? But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!

September 24, 2005
We were at a Subway sandwich shop in Illinois and Carson was watching the man make our sandwiches. The man was wearing plastic gloves on his hands and Carson remarked, "That guy has creepy hands."

January 2006
Carson and I went to the Goodwill store and I let him look in the toy section while I was looking at kids clothes nearby. He was playing quite contently for awhile then he came over to me and said, "Mom there's a hand over there." I went over with him and asked him to show me what he was talking about, but he was very reluctant. He points from a distance and says, "Under there." I look on the bottom shelf and stuck behind the shelf there was a furry brown glove that looked like it was from a gorilla costume of some sort.

February 9, 2006
Carson and I were playing a game called What's That Sound by Discovery Toys where you listen to a CD that contains different sounds and you match the sounds to pictures on a bingo-like card. All was well until he hears the thunderstorm. Boy did he jump in my arms fast. Then a noise came on that was supposed to be an old man snoring. Carson couldn't quite figure out what it was supposed to be so I asked him what it sounded like. He replied, "A monster."


  1. Don't forget Lynette, he doesn't like "Buster", our life-size chalkware figure of a Boston-Terrier/Bulldog. I remember him saying, "I don't like that dog."

  2. I think Carson is very particular about hands!! What about the indian at American Sales?!?!!?!?
    (it was an indian, right?)


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