Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Labor Day Weekend

This Labor Day weekend was great. We started if off with some shopping because who can pass up the sales going on?

I am so happy to report that I think I have finally found jeans that will fit me in all areas. In the past I have had the most issues with length, they're never long enough. Also, rise is an issue. I can't stand low rise. I feel like every time I bend down the whole world can see my butt crack. But on the flip side, I don't want "mom jeans". So I have been on a mission to find the perfect pair at the perfect price. I never thought I would actually see the day. I stumbled upon a pair while shopping at Marshall's a few weeks ago. They are DKNY. I tried them on and them instantly felt wonderful and were very cute. For $30 I knew I couldn't go wrong. The only problem was when I washed them - they shrunk and now I can only wear them with a flat pair of shoes or sandals. I did a search on where I could buy more DKNY jeans and saw that Macy's carries that line. I clipped my 15% off coupon and saw they were also on sale, plus I got a $10 card to use for my next purchase. Triple bonus. And to add more icing to the cake, they even had my size in long. Awesome!

Also while shopping I decided to treat myself to a new perfume that I have been wanting. It is called Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana. It is light and fresh and I love it. It felt good to splurge on myself for a change. They also have a great cologne for men that just came out called The One also by Dolce & Gabbana. Put this one on your man's Christmas gift list. You will not be disappointed and neither will he!

We then ventured out to do more furniture shopping. This is not something that is fun to do with children. Every furniture store we've been to is like a maze for the boys. They feel like they are in an adventure and have to bounce on every couch and test out every chair. We were specifically looking for a table and chair set. I personally wanted more of a basic dinette set - nothing fancy, just practical. Jason had this vision of comfort. We were not in agreement. I would point to a nice wooden 5 piece set and he'd shake his head no. He would point at the 1980's Golden Girls set and I would shudder. I had him take note of the people sitting at that particular table who were trying it out. Grandparents. Which is fine and dandy for the older generation, but that style would not fly with our generation. We came up empty handed at the store, but we did find a set online that was a good blend of both of our tastes. We got in on the Labor Day sale and they offer free shipping which made us even happier.

To finish up the day of shopping we made a few stops at some shoe stores. Jason was feeling left out that I got new running shoes, so he found himself a pair as well. And speaking of shoes, the next day we went out together as a family and noticed Carson had put on 2 of the same pair of flip flops, but they were both for the left foot. One was Taylor's and the other was his. The only difference was size - and to me it was obvious, but he apparently didn't notice. Most normal people would have gone home and gotten the correct shoe, but we're not normal and we went shoe shopping to find him a new pair of flip flops, luckily on clearance. Crazy kid.

With all the shopping done we were ready to relax. And that's exactly what we did yesterday. It was awesome sitting out in the back yard watching the boys play in the sprinkler. We couldn't have asked for a nicer day.

I hope everyone had a great "end" to the summer.


  1. Great pictures and boy are your arms toned. I need some good exercises for toning my arms. Any ideals? I have the same problem with jeans and it is so hard to find. I have luck with Lucky jeans in the 33 inch length. Have you tried those? I may have to try the DKNY because I am in the need of new jeans and can't seem to find ones that fit all over. Have a good day!!!

  2. Oooh, now I want to go shopping! I'm going looking for the perfume...

    I also NEED to know what software you used to size these great pictures. I can't get my shots to look right on my blog. Sigh. I'm blop-picture-challenged. :)

  3. I am totally LMAO at the Golden Girls reference...SO HILARIOUS.

    And I'm glad you splurged for you, it's about time and you totally deserved it.


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