Sunday, September 28, 2008

Coffee and the paper

I was reading today's paper while enjoying a cup of coffee. This story caught my attention and it brought me to tears - of laughter. I had to share. Enjoy.

Bat brew jolts Eastern Iowan

An Eastern Iowa woman had more of a jolt than usual from her morning coffee.

The Iowa Department of Public Health reports that the woman had seen a bat in her house, but wasn't particularly concerned about it.

She turned on her automatic coffee maker, went to bed and drank her coffee as usual the next morning.

When she removed the coffee filter that night, however, she discovered a dead bat in the filter that had gone through that morning's brew cycle.

Ann Garvey, public health veterinarian, said the woman underwent rabies treatment for the exposure, which occurred last month.

The bat was sent to University Hygienic Laboratory in Oakdale for rabies testing, but the brain had been too cooked by the heat of the brewing water for a determination, according to the health department.


  1. OMG...that is SO disgusting. Yuck, yuck, yuck. You found this humorous, huh? I'm totally grossed out.

    I do have one experience with a bat. I was in college renting an apartment in an old house with a friend. Very early one morning my roommate woke up to use the bathroom and happened to look down at the toilet before she sat down (I seriously do not think I would have looked down myself, aah!) and there was a bat swimming, drinking? in the toilet. She immediately slammed the lid down and woke me up. After a little deliberation, we lifted the lid slightly and threw a little toilet paper (why? I do not know!) in there and then flushed it :-)

  2. YUCK!
    AND who is NOT CONCERNED that there is a bat in their house and JUST GOES TO SLEEP?! That would not be me!


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