Friday, September 19, 2008

Lucky or normal?

One of Taylor's friends came over to play and noticed that Taylor was sitting on the couch eating a corn dog. This boy tells Taylor that he is so lucky.

Me, being nosy curious ask him why he feels that way. He goes on to say that his mom never buys corn dogs and he would never be allowed to eat on the couch.

Uh, okay.

Either that boys leads a really sheltered life, or I let my kids get away with too much.

You tell me?

If I had new furniture then I would attempt to enforce the no-eating-on-the-couch rule, but we don't and crumbs are easy to clean up.

I am pretty laid back and I pick and choose my battles. I prefer them to eat at the table, but what fun is that all the time? Live a little I tell ya! (We even put our feet on the coffee table - GASP!)

And not buying corn dogs? Come on. That's a staple in this house! (Along with buying ketchup by the gallon.) I realize they aren't the healthiest of options, but they make a yummy quick snack every once in awhile.

So is Taylor really lucky or is he just a normal kid eating what normal kids eat while relaxing on the couch? I know what my answer would be.


  1. corn dogs - i buy 'em. the kids like them, and they certainly aren't the worst thing i've bought. i think totino's pizza is (though i don't anymore).

    but, i don't let them eat anywhere except the kitchen, unless i've spread out a blanket on the living room floor. my mom had the same rule, and it's just less work for me to have to pick up food from rooms other than the kitchen!

  2. Possibly a bit of both! ;)

    We allow some eating on the sofa. Corn dogs (which I know as pogo dogs) are a special treat but they would be allowed to be eaten on the sofa!

    Does that help?!?

  3. We're really laid back about eating in the living room too. We usually eat at the table but it doesn't always work out. It's now that big of a deal to me. That's what a vacuum is for! We get corn dogs every once and awhile too. Sometimes you gotta have one! Maybe I'm not 'normal' either. lol!


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