Thursday, September 25, 2008

Today's phone call

Jason got back from New York safely this afternoon and we were able to sit and have lunch at home together. The phone rings as we're eating and I look at him. Normally the only person who calls the house during the day is him. The caller id says Infinity something and I had no clue who it could be.

I pick up the phone and the person on the other line says he is calling from Q104 - the radio station out of Cleveland.

I instantly knew what that meant. They picked me and my submission of songs off my ipod to play during the lunch hour. I thought getting a Chipotle gift card was an awesome prize, but actually having some of my favorite artists played on the radio because of my submission was even cooler. Plus during the phone conversation I didn't really realize they were recording it and they used portions of it in between playing the songs. Of course I had to grab my camera and capture how dorky I sounded on the radio, but it was a cool experience. Listed below it's in 4 short segments. It took 50 bazillion times longer to upload these videos than I was actually on the air. Also, you'll hear Luke jabbering in the background and playing his keyboard. He could care less that his mom is getting air time.

And I was also informed that my name is going to be put in the grand prize drawing being held Monday morning. What's that you ask? What's the grand prize? I am a bit embarrassed to say. But I will tell you cause I love you and you're reading my blog and how can I not be grateful for that?! The grand prize is backstage passes to see NKOTB. Blah! Didn't like them back then and still don't care for them today. Now if it were the Backstreet Boys or NSync or even Hanson that would be cooler. This is a drawing that I actually hope I don't win, as strange as that may sound.


  1. Congrats on your lucky day!

    My advice is win the NKOTB backstage passes, sell them on craigslist, and use the money to get your nails done!

  2. YAY!! Congratulations!!

    I don't blame you for not wanting the grand prize, but I would go CRAZY for the passes. My friend and I are going to the concert in Omaha and nearly passed out when we got 7th row tickets. Do you think any less of me now? How embarrassing.

    Seriously, good luck on winning them. I think Dawn has a great idea!

  3. I'm laughing. This is SO cool.

    It's neat also to put a voice to your blog. But tell me, what the heck is a Chipotle gift card? I mean the gift card part I know....

  4. Congrats! Not and NKOTB fan either, but we are currently dancing to their latest in Hip Hop class...not too terrible!


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