Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday's Tips - Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene.

That sounds so embarrassing. But I couldn't think of a better subject so that's what you get.

Take it or leave it.

I am tackling this subject and just touching the surface - quite literally. Here are some tips on outward appearance.

1) If you wear eyeglasses or even sunglasses, smudges can be a hard thing to completely remove. There are specific cleaning clothes made for eye wear and they do a fabulous job. They are made of sueded washable microfiber and leave a streak free finish. These can be found at any optical shop or drugstore. Another suggestion is to wash your glasses in warm water with some dish soap, such as Dawn. Just be careful not to use anything that might scratch the surface of the lens. That would not be good.

2) Before I put on my eyeshadow I apply a light base of foundation to my eyelids. It really helps the eyeshadow stay on longer. (Thanks to my S.I.L. for that tip - she has the most amazing eyes and the way she puts on her eye makeup - I want to take lessons from her.)

3) Another makeup tip involves mascara. I believe a primer is a must. And Maybelline makes a good product at a low price. I use the Maybelline Intense XXL. One end is primer and the other end is mascara. It adds body and volume to your lashes.

4) Have you ever run out of shaving cream during a shower and ended up trying to shave using soap? Put the soap down. Ouch! I have found that hair conditioner does a great job. In particular I use Paul Mitchell, but any brand could work.

5) Here's another shaving tip - the dreaded bikini area. The best product that works for me is Nair, but I find that I can only use that every week or two at most. When I need a good in between method, I rely on baby oil and a razor. And try not to pick the razor up after each stroke. Keep it against the skin while shaving. I've noticed less razor bumps and burn for sure.

6) Now that the weather is changing and the air is beginning to get dry, my lips always suffer. I really have issues with chapped lips during late fall and winter. It seems that I have tried every possible chap stick/gloss/ointment that is available. What has worked for me is applying a small amount of hydrocortisone cream or ointment followed by a layer of Aquaphor which is similar to Vaseline.

7) My hands are another part of my body that seems to have all moisture sucked out of them. Mary Kay makes an incredible product called Extra Emollient Night Cream. I put this on my hands quite generously before bed and put on a pair of cotton gloves which assist in the absorption of the cream. In the morning my hands feel so soft and renewed.

8) And the last of dry problems is static electricity in my hair. This only seems to be a problem in the winter. I have found that running a dryer sheet through my hair after it is styled helps ease the electric current. Also I have used a little spray of Static Guard. It does have a strong smell to it, and I am not sure if it's good for hair or not. But it works!

What personal hygiene or outward appearance tips do you have to share?

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