Friday, September 19, 2008

Questions and comments by the little ones.

The boys are at it again. Some of the things they say just crack me up. Here are a few of the latest:

Carson and I were talking about Thanksgiving and Carson asked if Maga (grandma) was going to make pies. I told him that Maga doesn't make the pies, but Papa does. Then he asked if Papa makes good pumpkin pie to which I responded that he makes the best pumpkin pies. Carson replies, "Yeah, Papa should be in a pie factory."

In a recent car ride Carson had his usual thousand questions. He started out by saying, "Mom, I really wish I had some cotton candy." And then went on to ask, "Do they make it out of clouds?"

The other day Carson tried on my eye glasses and started laughing. He looked at me (as best he could) and asked, "Wow - are these for when you're blind?"

Carson had an irritated 'bum' and I told him it was just a little rash and it would go away soon. He asked if it would be gone by Christmas. It's only September.

Carson's word for handcuffs is 'handcups'.

Luke's word for marshmallows is 'smushmellows'.

Luke refers to the tags in clothes as 'tickets'.


  1. Love these!

    I have a thousand-question kid, too...Luke, my 5-year-old. He seriously tells me 8 jillion things a day. Then yesterday, he commented, "Kids remember more than Moms do." Ya think?

  2. These are great! The things kids come up with always amaze me!


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