Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday's Tips (products)

Here is another installment of my Tuesday's Tips. This week I am focusing on products that I can't seem to live without or one's that just make my life a lot easier. (And just a side note - these are my personal opinions, no one is paying me to talk about their products.)

Let' start in the kitchen.
1) Clean up after a meal is not high on my list of fun. I hate trying to get stuck on food off of my dishes. I have tried using the dish brushes, but the bristles get nasty - the alternative - a nylon scraper. In particular I use the ones you get from Pampered Chef for use with the stoneware. It works perfectly, doesn't scratch, and clean up is breeze.

2) When I cook ground beef or sausage I have found another Pampered Chef item that makes the process so much easier (not that it was hard to begin with, but you get my point - I hope.) It's called the mix & chop and has a fan like base with 5 nylon chopping arms (see the picture I stink at descriptions.)

3) I think I am a wipe addict. All day long I seem to be wiping something down whether it be the counter tops, the toilets, the floors, the kids faces and rears. Disinfectant wipes are amazing (NOT for the kids!). I prefer the Clorox brand and they have a new scent - Lavender which smells so good and fresh. Come to think of it, they should come out with lavender scented butt wipes.

4) And for the stubborn stains that the wipes can't deal with, I love the Mr. Clean magic erasers. Of course these should be kept away from the kids as well - the magical ingredients can potentially cause a reaction to the skin. I have used these on floor scuff marks, garbage cans, shower and tubs, walls, doors, etc. They are amazing - good name choice Mr. Clean.

5) Lately one of our favorite before bedtime snacks has been popcorn. We received a stove top popper as a gift and have really enjoyed making our own popcorn on the stove. It's simple, fresh, healthier, and saves money. All you do is add oil and kernels (and some sugar if you like the kettle corn version) crank the handle and let the popping begin.

6) I have a hard time taking a multi-vitamin on a consistent basis. But when I do I feel better - it could be part mental but I know the physical benefits are there too. My friend Beth got me hooked on GNC's Women's Ultra Mega Active multivitamins. They also give you a kick of energy because they contain a performance blend of ingredients which include panax ginseng root extract, ginkgo biloba leaf extract, green tea leaf extract, and much more. And when I take my daily multivitamins I tend to drink a lot more water. Double bonus!

7) When I want my hair to have a nice smooth look to it I have found an awesome product that delivers amazing results. It's the CHI silk infusion. The only down side is that it has a different smell to it, but it doesn't seem to transfer to your hair once you apply it. Strange. I love how it makes my hair feel; light, smooth, and silky. It is a bit pricey for the small bottle, but it is totally worth it. I apply it to my towel dried hair, blow dry, then use my flat iron to create the smooth polished look.

I hope you've enjoyed today's product tips. What product can't you live without?


  1. That meat cooker thing looks cool, may have to look into getting one of those!

    I can't live without our Shark cordless vac, gets up the crumbs on the floor after meals like a champ!

  2. I found you through Laurie's blog...I'm the mom of 3 boys, too!

    Have you seen the new Lysol wipes that have the scrubber stuff? They're called Lysol Dual Action, and one side has a these scrubbing fibers and the other side has the disinfecting stuff. Love them!

    I'm also going to need that P.C. meat chopper thing now that I've seen it!

  3. Love Pampered Chef......I am just wondering why you didn't mention your favorite consultants name and contact info in this story..LOL. I love all of the products you mentioned!!!

  4. I am addicted to wipes, too. I'd love to try the Chi, so thanks for the tip!

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Magic Erasers!!! I have a stainless steel stove and since I can't "scrub" it when it is greasy and grimy, the Magic Eraser is the perfect cleaning tool for it - no scratches. I also use it to clean the water spots off my sink and all the grossness (is that a word?) out of my 1970's shower stall. I think it's a hugely under-advertised product!


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