Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dogs will be dogs.

There's nothing that quite sets the mood for the day when you wake up to a pile of dog puke the size of a dinner plate.

I woke up at 3 am to the sounds of the dog heaving. I knew I better get her outside before she deposits her dinner all over our carpet. So here I am at 3 am standing outside in the backyard with the dog on the lease waiting for her to upchuck so I can get back to sleep. She just stands there and looks at me wondering what the hell we're doing. As if I am the insane one.

She got to sleep in the laundry room the rest of the night and that's where I found her lovely gift this morning.

Tonight I took her for a walk like I do every night, except this time I had to bring along the boys. Jason started his first night of school, otherwise I would have taken her by myself for some nice quiet Mommy time. But, that's okay - I was fine with it. The kids were on their bikes and enjoyed the exercise and fresh air.

As we came back around the block Taylor saw a very small chipmunk that ran and hid in the flowers by our neighbors mailbox. We all went over to investigate and the dog's sniffer started going crazy. She knew a critter was hiding and she was determined to get to it. I pulled the flowers aside and out jumps this little creature. It basically jumped right into Sasha's mouth. Here I am screaming and jumping to make her drop it - which she does, but then instinctively picks it back up to squeeze it a little more.


The boys got to see the whole show first hand. The dog finally dropped it for good after a few smacks from Taylor. The chipmunk was gone - it did a few last twitches and the kids thought it was going to be okay. I found a stick and rolled it over - it was lifeless. Taylor was the one most upset. He blames me for the dog killing it. Luke kept asking if he was going to wake up and be okay. Carson asked if we would bury it. The poor little rodent.

It was such an eventful day with the dog. And here I thought I wanted another one. I think I'll hold off for awhile.

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