Sunday, March 29, 2009


For dinner last night I made the kids a frozen pizza and made myself and the hubby a homemade cranberry chicken pizza which was to die for.  But that's not what this post is about.
The kids ate their pizza at the table and left the crusts like every normal kid does.  After they ate they decided to go downstairs and play with dad.  I took this opportunity to catch up on the computer, as if I don't do enough of this during the week.  

Zip it. 

Now our dog Sasha has been known to be a little sneaky when the kids leave leftover food at the table.  For example, when the kids have sandwiches for lunch and leave the crust of the bread at the table (what is up with kids not liking crust anyway?) and let's say I don't clean it up right away.  I get sidetracked easily.  If we leave to run errands and come back home I will see the plates on the floor completely licked clean.  Our dog is a garbage disposal, but she can get a bit gassy from people food.  And dog farts are nasty.

So last night when the kids went downstairs I heard our dog eating something.  I look behind me and see her in the dining room chewing food.  Instinctively I yell at her, "Sasha! Bad dog!" thinking she had snuck the kids pizza off the kitchen table.  

I go to the table to see how much she ate and noticed the crusts were untouched.  The dog had been eating her own dog food!  And here I was scolding her for it.  I felt so bad and I went to look for her to apologize and give her some love.  

I looked all over her normal hang out spots.  The couch - not there.  Her chair (yes she has her own chair) - not there.  The laundry room where her food is - not there.  Where in the world could she have gone?  

You know where I found her?  She was hiding in the corner behind a chair cowering and shaking in fear.  

My poor little doggie!  I hope she will forgive me. 

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