Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Manners 101

Luke walks up to me after drinking his "bunny" milk (Nesquick - the bunny on the front, get it?) - anyway - he drinks his milk really fast so you know there's some air that needs to get back up.  

He lets out this obnoxious loud burp and of course giggles because burps are the funniest noise when you're a 3 year old boy.  Who am I kidding, guys of all ages still think they are the funniest noise along with farts.  

I, being the polite lady in the house, try to instill some manners with the boys, so after he burped I waited for him to say excuse me.  It was apparent to me that the politeness I expected was going to need some prompting so I said to him, "Luke, what do you say?"

He responds, "Thank you!" 

We've got some work to do in the appropriate response of the manners department, but at least we're on the right track.


  1. As I'm typing this, my 20 month old son (#4 of 4 boys) is standing on a chair next to me working hard to fart as many times as he can. Each time he succeeds, he says, "YUCK!" and laughs hysterically.

    Hmmmm, wonder where he learned that???

  2. You're ahead of me. Usually the response I elicit when I ask, "Now what do you say?" is "I just burped Momma!"

    Yeah, we're working on it.


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