Saturday, March 21, 2009

Seen and heard at Wally-Mart

If you're ever hurting for blog material I highly recommend taking a trip to your local Wally-Mart and roaming the isles where you will find plenty of material to share. 

Today's trip was no exception.  

Luke and I needed to stop in and pick up a few items.  Our town, unfortunately, does not have a "super" Wally-Mart so I can't get all my grocery shopping done in one stop, which irritates me immensely.  I mean, how long before they stock back up on toaster strudels?  They've been out for 2 weeks.  Does Wally-Mart not know how these are a staple in our house.  And I sure can't get them at my other grocery store (Aldi).  The boys are having T.S. withdrawals.  

Anyway, we're walking through the store and Luke is happily laying in the cart with his feet hanging over the edge which garnered a few smiles and laughs from other shoppers.  As he was looking up at the ceiling (as only a kid would do) he said to me, "Look up at the cupcakes."  Now either my child is hallucinating or Wally-Mart has a strange way of advertising baked goods.  

I look up and at first could not figure out what he was referring to.  Finally, I got it.  There were these sprinklers on the ceiling that resembled copper cupcake liners.  Imagine viewing this from the other direction.  I though how very observant of him it was to come up with that.   (Next time you're in the store, check out the ceiling, you may even see a real bird like the ones that live in the store back in Indiana.)  

We kept on shopping and wouldn't you know it, in true 3 year old fashion, I hear, "Mom - I have to go potty."  But of course.  Never fails.  We head to the back of the store, park the cart, and go into the bathrooms, which smelled really good, surprisingly.  I am not sure if it was the soap or air freshener, but it was quite delightful.  

We were the only one's in there until a lady walked in, I'd say about my age or maybe a little younger and she was talking wildly fast on her cell phone.  She continued to speed talk while she entered the stall and went on as we heard her do her thing AND flush.  Not once did she pause or explain to the person on the other end where she was or "could I call you back in 2 minutes."  Hopefully the speed at which she was talking muffled the sound of nature's call. Unbelievable.  Then of all things, she didn't even wash her hands!  Ugh!  She just kept chatting as she walked right out of the bathroom.  

When we finished, we headed out past the electronics department.  There was a display of about 5 large flat screen TV's listed as 20% off.  A guy with a deep southern drawl said to an employee of the store, "I give you $1000 bucks in cash for this here TV."  

Since when can you price haggle at Wally-Mart?  Heck, when I got up to the register I wanted to try this technique.  Could you imagine the look on the cashier's face if I said, "I will offer you 89 cents for this pack of gum, deal?"  Or how about this one, "I would like to buy two and get one free on the milk today."  We're not at a garage sale.  Last time I checked, the price you pay is the price on the sticker.  Maybe I am missing something.  Someone please clue me in.  I don't know what the outcome was if the guy got the TV at his bargain price or not.

Last we stopped in the toy section.  Not because I wanted to, but it was pretty much unavoidable.  We were perusing the books, and did you know that you can purchase your very own Jesus doll?  Who knew he came in doll form?  Jesus as a toy?  Don't get me wrong, I love me some Jesus, but the toy version just seems so strange and in a sense, wrong.  Would  Jenny from Chased by Children care to take off on this one and add her thoughts?  For some reason I can sense her insight on this topic.  

I mean really, would you store him with your daughters Barbies?  I know there could be great witness opportunities there.

Or maybe your child already has a Jesus doll.  How is that working out?  And what role playing and dialogue have you seen played out?  I'm just curious. 

I can just see what's next, the Pope doll.  
It looks like that's been done too, in action figure form.

How about this one.  No collection could be complete without a baby being dropped in a bowl of M&M's.  Or is that an alien with really large eyes?  It's hard to tell.  And are those really M&M's or did baby have a very colorful accident?

This post has completely gone off on a tangent - but it's all in good humor. 


  1. price haggling at Walmart - have GOT to try that on my next visit :D
    stopping by from UBP to say "hi"

  2. So funny! Stopping in to visit all the party sites.. Party on!

  3. Hi Lynette-

    I am going to get one of those Jesus action figures! ;)

    I am stopping by from The Ultimate Blog Party to check your blog out and say hello. We are in for a great week!

    Check out my place for your chance to win a LeapFrog Tag Reading System. :)

    The Divine Miss Mommy

  4. Someone at church had one of those Jesus weird to me.

    Cracked up at your recounting of your trip, though! It's true that funny stories always come out of a trip to Walmart. I'm going to have to consider the price haggling thing...

  5. Oh boy, what a fun post to read! Cupcakes on the ceiling, who knew?

  6. Hiya from UBP! Jesus doll? Hmm... U are right. Lots action figures that sure need some hope! :P

  7. My husband and I say the same thing about Wally-mart. It's like a trip to an amusement park. I cannot believe the woman in the restroom, although that's happened to me (I was on the receiving end). I asked the woman after she clearly flushed a toilet, "Are you in a bathroom?" She said "Yes, sorry. I didn't think you could hear." Huh? I could hear her talking. Why wouldn't I hear a toilet?

    The Jesus doll? Priceless.

  8. Oh my. I only have 50 minutes of internet time here in Venice today but I could not pass up the opportunity to say, "I will definately post on the Jesus/Barbie issue."

  9. My dad has bargained at Wal-Mart for years - my dad bargains everywhere. He once managed to get an extra pack of razors. The manager was our neighbor and my dad so annoyed him the manager said, "If I give you two for one on this pack of razors will you be quiet and let me finish checking you out so I can get to that long line of people waiting behind you." Of course, every time we go to Wal-Mart now we have to hear that story. It is the only time I am thankful we live in different states.

    I found you through UBP - I also blog about my life with boys.


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