Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You tell me

I have some important questions that I have been pondering in my head.  I want to know how the majority of people do the following things.  Please leave your comments and in the next few days I'll compare my answers to yours.

1) Do you dry your feet and/or body before stepping out of the shower or after?

2) Do you place your clean drinking cups upside down or right side up when putting them away?

3) Do you use the word cabinet or cupboard?

4) Do you use the word dinner or supper?

5) Do you use the word soda or pop?

6) Do you think spray butter and squeezable jelly is considered being lazy or convenience and do you buy either?

7) What foot do you put your sock on first, left or right?

Inquiring minds want to know so humor me, would ya?


  1. I dry off as much as my body as I can before stepping out of the tub. It annoys me when others don't do it.

    2-usually upside down, so as not to collect any dust or whatever floating around the air.

    3-cupboards, but occasionally cabinets.

    4-dinner. Always


    6-usually don't buy squeezable b/c it costs more, but I like it and don't think it's lazy. Some things are worth the convenience! I'd esp. think they're worth it if my kids were making their own meals.

    7-lol! I don't think I have a system here, but probably the right. Now I'll be noticing.

  2. 1. I partially dry off before exiting the shower and finish while standing on the bathroom rug.

    2. Upside down...doesn't everyone??

    3. Cupboards

    4. Dinner

    5. Pop (do they say soda in Ohio??--I know it's an east coast thing, but Ohio's not that far east)

    6. I always have spray butter and a tub on hand, not for the convenience (sometimes that stuff can be a real pain...getting clogged, but because it's lighter and I like to spray it on my popcorn and such. I've never bought squirt jelly...I think I'd still try to spread it, which would be pointless.

    7. Right foot first (right-handed, right-side dominant)

  3. I dry off my feet on a towel outside of the shower, but usually pull the towel in with me and dry off mostly before I step out. Depends how fast I have to be!

    Clean drinking cups right side up (but hubby puts them facing down.) I just don't like the mouth part to touch anything!




    Not lazy but I'd much rather have things in their natural form, so I go for regular butter and jars of jelly!

    I'm ambidextrous when it comes to feet. Probably usually the right, tho.


  4. 1. I drip dry for a minute in the shower, and then step out before using a towel.

    2. Upside down cups, no question.

    3. Cabinet

    4. I use them kind of interchangeably, but I more often say "dinner."

    5. Again, I use both, but more often "soda."

    6. Not lazy, but I think spray butter is nasty.

    7. Never paid any attention!

  5. 1. I dry my body and then flip my hair over and put the towel on my head, all before stepping out of the shower.

    2. Cups upside down, of course.

    3. Cabinet

    4. dinner

    5. soda

    6. I've never tried the spray butter (I use spray oil, and olive oil) but I don't mind the squeezable jelly in a pinch.

    7. whichever is closest...kidding...right first.


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