Thursday, March 12, 2009

The responses

Yesterday I asked a handful of questions that have been on my mind.  I am always curious if people do things the same as I do or if I am the odd ball.  But I must say with the answers and comments I received that I am half normal and half abnormal per your standards.  And really that only includes 4 people so there may be a slight bit of bias, so be it.  

Here are your results (and I totally just mistyped (but corrected) the word 'result' and it came out kinda nasty - figure it out):

  • 75% of you dry off while in the shower before you step out.

I am in the majority here - thank goodness.  I understand the concept of the bath mat outside of the shower, but I don't believe it's for completely dripping wet bodies.  That is what a towel is for.  The mat, in my opinion, is a safety precaution so one doesn't slip and fall; not to absorb a ton of water that will take over 24 hours to dry.  Now only if my husband could follow these guidelines.  Sigh.

  • 75% of you place your cups upside down in your cupboard/cabinet.
Well, I guess 50% of the time I do the upside down thing, but the other half of the time I put them right side up.  The plastic cups go upside down, but the mugs and glassware are all right side up.  I like how Steph phrased it, "I just don't like the mouth part to touch anything." And that is why I only use a mug or a glass.  Enough said.

  • The next question was split 50-50.  Half of you use the word cupboard and the other half use cabinet.
I use both as well, but find myself calling it a cabinet more often.  Cupboard sounds more old fashioned to me, so I choose to be young and hip by calling it a cabinet.  Whatever.

  • 100% of you call supper dinner.  Did that even make a bit of sense? 
I call my evening meal 'dinner' as well.  When I was younger we used the word supper a lot, but I feel like it's more of a slang term and the word dinner is a bit more formal.  I don't know if I am right or not, but that is what I am used to.

  • 75% of you call your fizzy beverage "pop" and the other 25% call it soda.
I have always called it pop, but I have heard that if you go to a certain area in the States and ask for a 'pop' that you might get punched in the face.  I say we break even and call it a soft drink.  Any one with me?  Check out this map.  Some people must have a lot of time on their hands to actually research this.  Impressive.

  • When it comes to spray butter and squeezable jelly 100% of you seem to think it's convenient and not lazy.  And 75% of you purchase these products.
I love me some spray butter, especially when I am feeling lazy and don't want to dirty a knife to spread the regular butter.  But then again, I purchase sticks of butter, a tub of butter, and spray butter, each for different uses.  And I just bought my first jar of squeezable jelly, but I still can't get over the idea of not spreading it with a knife, so it's pretty useless, except I don't have to worry about this ever happening. 

  • And finally 75% of you put your right sock on first.  The other 25% don't really notice or think I am insane for posing this question.  I may have to agree with you.  Who really cares?
This was interesting and I thank the 4 of you for your input and playing along (you made the statistics part a no brainer for me and for that I am forever grateful!)  I have another set of questions in the works so be ready to post your input.  I look forward to these really important topics!


  1. Oh, one thing about the glasses. I ONLY put them down like that because I am finicky about our shelves being lined. Shelf paper is annoying to do, but worth it, imo.

    Without shelf liner, no way would I have them downside.

  2. O.K. I guess I am a day late and a dollar short, but can I play anyway?

    I totally dry off in the shower first...way warmer that way.

    I place some cups/glasses up and some just depends on how they fit together the best. It's a little like a jigsaw puzzle.

    I would say I usually say cupboard.

    I have always said dinner, but I think my grandma sometimes said supper, which makes me smile.

    Pop it is!

    I like spary butter, but like you I also buy tub butter and sticks of butter all for different reasons.

    I always put my right sock on first and I don't think you are crazy for noticing. I didn't even have to think about my answer, I just knew.

    Hope this didn't sway your stats too much and I promise to be on time for the next set o' questions!


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