Saturday, March 07, 2009

Of all the places

The kids each have their own Nintendo DS which has been a life saver on trips back to Indiana.  They have also been great for using them as a way to get the kids to do something they don't want to do.  For example, the kids are playing outside and it's time to come in for dinner.  They get upset and fight me.  So I say you either come inside now, or I take your DS away for a week.  (I'm such a meanie!)  For the most part the threats work because the kids love to play their video games.  

On our last trip to Indiana in January all 3 boys had their DS's, but the week following Taylor couldn't find his.  That did not surprise me much at all.  He always seems to be misplacing things and asking me where they are as if I would wear his shoes or his backpack, etc.  So of course he asked me if I knew where his DS was.  Hmm, last time I played it.... No Taylor, I do not play your DS, therefore, I do not know where you put it last.  I told him to retrace his steps and try to recall when and where the last time he had played it.  No luck.  

I asked his brothers if maybe they had seen it around the house since they've been known to swap and play each others DS.  But, they were no help either.  We pretty much gave up looking and gave up hope that we'd find it.  

That was until today.

I decided to do a little rearranging of decorations I have throughout the house.  I went to put a glass jar up above the cabinets which required me to stand up on the counter and notice all the dust on top which is going to remain up there until the dusting fairy arrives.  And what did my eyes behold - you guessed it - Taylor's DS.  I am guessing he put it up there to hide it from his brothers who would no way ever guess to look in that spot nonetheless reach it.  

The only problem with that hiding spot is that it was so good, Taylor forgot about it as well.  


  1. too funny! i can see this happening in our house, too!

    and i am CONSTANTLY telling luke (oldest) that i don't know where his shoes are b/c i don't wear them.

    there's a dusting fairy? where in the heck has she been? please, please give her my address...

  2. Cute story. And, I can so identify with Taylor. I misplace things all the time. BTW, was Taylor overjoyed to see his missing DS again?


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