Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Works for me Wednesday - Gift Card Solution

Today's tip is about those abandoned gift cards that are sitting around in your wallet collecting dust.  You know the one's I am talking about.  Those with balances under $5 that you will most likely never use again.  

Well instead of letting the bank slowly drain the fees right out of them or they go dormant, why not donate them to a worthy cause of your choice.  

This is exactly what I have done with a few that have been in my wallet for 2 years way too long.

I did a google search for ways I could donate my old gift cards and found this site.  It was very easy to create an account, add my card information online, print out the form, and mail my old cards to the company.  And the best part was that I could choose which charity I wanted a percentage of the card to go to.  What a great opportunity - plus there could be tax write-off benefits, not much if you have a small balance, but every bit adds up.

(Another cool thing about this site is that you can purchase gift cards at a discount.  I have not done this yet, but I am sure I will check it out when the need arises.)

So don't let those cards dwindle away in your wallet - give them up for a good cause!

That works for me.  For other WFMW tips click here.

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  1. Love this idea...thanks! I might possibly just have a few of these gathering dust, maybe.


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