Sunday, March 08, 2009

Did you spring ahead?

Or did you forget to change your clocks like I did until this morning?  

I don't particularly like the fact that we lost an hour with the time change, but I do love that this is just another step towards spring and warmer weather.  

The last few days have been gorgeous and the kids have definitely been taking advantage of the unseasonable temperatures and basically have been living outside.   Late last night the cold rain came in and has been soaking us all day along with the shoes and socks that were left outside.  Ugh!

One of my dearest friends and her two kids came to visit us this weekend and we had such a great time hanging out.  The time she got to spend here with us made me realize how much I totally miss her.  

I was able to share with her and see her experience a few firsts that included Chipotle and The Cheesecake Factory.  We also bought a few bottles of wine that we had never had before and had our own mini wine tasting evening.  Mostly we just sat around, watched the kids play endlessly and enjoyed each others presence and conversation.  I cherished every moment she was here and when it was time for them to leave this morning I felt a rush of sadness as I embraced her before she left.  Great friends like her are far and few, but when you find one you know you have found a true gem.  

Love you Amanda!


  1. I hate losing the hour. I felt so out of it all day, just off.

  2. I forgot until the morning too! Yuck, but I am with on the bright side being headed for summer. Can't wait!!!! And yes, true friends are something to cherish...good for you on your weekend of fun. How were the wines, any good suggestions?


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