Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy first day of spring

Ah, the first official day of spring is here.  

(Cue soft spring time music.)

I can just picture it: the birds are chirping and searching for worms, the sun is bright against the fresh blue sky, the breeze is crisp and light from the south, I pull out my capris and a short sleeve shirt and maybe even a pair of flip flops.

And I look out my window this morning.

(Music comes to a crashing halt.)

Snow flakes.  Hello Springtime, didn't you get the memo?  You're supposed to be here today.  

Instead the birds are freezing their tail feathers off and all they can find are dead frozen worms stuck to the concrete, there is a layer of thick gray snow clouds for miles with a sharp stabbing northern wind chill and I am layering my clothing and sticking a robe and slippers back on.  

Come to think of it, hibernation sounds good right about now.  Wake me up when it's really spring.


  1. your blog is so cute (love that header!!). and good things indeed come in 3's... we just found out we're having our 3rd little boy this summer! i'm over visiting from the UBP, so fun! it's definitely spring/early summer where i live, so i'm sorry about your snow.. i'm READY for outdoor play-all-day weather myself!! :) ps. loved your green shamrock milkshake story; i didn't realize mcd's still did that!

  2. I pulled my capris out this week and it is too cold to wear them here too. Im stopping by from the Blog party.......Happy Friday!

  3. We're in OH too and although we didn't see snowflakes, our 5 yo was very upset. She said but I thought today is Spring, why do I have to wear a winter coat?

    Good question!

    I enjoyed visiting your party!

  4. Found you through the blog party!

    This sounds JUST like our first day of Spring. Right down to the crazy snowflakes and me in my robe! Where is Spring???!!

    I'm also a mom of 3 boys, lots and lots of fun!!


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