Monday, April 06, 2009

Anniversary weekend

Saturday the hubby and I celebrated our wedding anniversary of 11 years.  

We really went all out this year - by staying home, baking a pizza and taquitos along with a homemade cake and cosmos to drink.  My kind of celebration.  

Don't get me wrong, I love to get out and enjoy a night out on the town, but the older I get the more I appreciate the simple joys that life brings.  And I couldn't think of a better way of celebrating than being around the ones that make me happiest along with junk food and alcohol.  

Don't be jealous.

We did exchange cards and gifts.  I got Jason a nice bottle of wine (which I informed him he must share) and also tickets to see our favorite artist when he comes to the House of Blues in Chicago in August (which he also must share with me.)

And he got me a gift card to my favorite store of all time.  So yesterday I was off to get a little alone time and enjoy my 2nd favorite past time - shopping.  I was on a mission to find a new outfit to wear for Easter which I had some success, but I also came out with a few great items you would think I got from an Etsy shop.  They symbolizes and represent what matters most in my life.


  1. Happy Anniversary! Your date sounds perfect. :)
    I like hat you bought, too.
    Did you wind up with a new Easter outfit?

  2. Sounds like a perfect evening. Happy anniversary and many happy returns!

  3. Happy anniversary, Lynette! You didn't mention it, but I assume the kids weren't sharing the junk food and drinks with you? That alone makes for a romantic evening. :)

    We'll be celebrating our 10th anniversary in November. We don't have definite plans yet, but you've given me some inspiration! :)


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