Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Random is as random does

I'm feeling random today, care to join me?

  • And I feel like posting with bullet points
  •  so sue me.

  • It has been snowing with slight accumulation for the past 2 days.  We actually made a decent size snowman in the front yard and he is slowly tipping over.
  • I would take a picture, but the batteries in my camera are dead and I can't find my camera case that holds my charger.
  • The last time I remember seeing my camera case was at the Cleveland Cavalier basketball game the end of March. 
  • I never told you about the game and why we went.  Maybe another day.
  • Today I delivered the final hamster of the 11 babies the mom and dad hamster created.  
  • Now we only own 4 hamsters and I am okay with that.  The two boys are in one cage and the two girls are in the other and it will stay like that.
  • Luke wants to keep putting the hamsters together.  He thinks the reason Turbo (our very manly hamster) has a big butt is because he ate another hamster.  (What? Is he trying to poop it out or something?)
  • It has been one year since we put our Indiana house on the market and it still hasn't sold.
  • I have a new favorite Christian artist - Brandon Heath - check him out - awesomeness! 
  • On my calendar today I had written down that Carson and Luke had a dentist appointment to get their teeth cleaned.  When I got there they told me I wasn't scheduled for today but had me down for May 19th.  I have never been that early for an appointment - ever.  They were great about it and squeezed us in.
  • Carson did amazing getting his teeth cleaned.  He has really matured since the last time.
  • I am thinking about getting a different pair of shoes for step class and kickboxing instead of the running shoes I always wear.  Has anyone tried Ryka's and do you like them?  Or do you have any other shoe suggestion?  I need something that will give me support not only front and back, but also side stability.  Maybe a cross trainer?  Who knows?
  • This may in fact be one of my most boring posts to date.  And for that I apologize for wasting your time and mine.


  1. I'm a fan of Rykas. They're what I wore when I was training for running races.

    And I had to re-read your hamster sentences. At first, I thought you actually DELIVERED the hamsters from the pregnant Momma hamster!

  2. I like bullet points. Lots of info, short, sweet, and to the "point."


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